Company pays you $240 to travel and drink wine

You have until August 19 to participate.

Photo: ANDRANIK HAKOBYAN / Shutterstock

Majestic wine company will pay one person £200 (about $240) per day to take charge of visiting vineyards and tasting wines.

Majestic announced on their website that they are looking for a ‘Vintern’, which is what they call the person who will check to see if the wine really does taste better when you are on vacation.

Majestic’s plan is to send that Vintern to the Iberian Peninsula for three days, including flights, accommodation and the daily stipend. mentioned above of about $240 in cash.

There, the Vintern will receive a box of Wine Club wines, produced in Spain and Portugal, so that they can drink them in the areas where they were made. When the tour is over, the Vintern will be given the exact same case of wine to try the drink at home and see if they can tell any difference.

“No previous tasting experience is required, just an open mind, a passport and a love of beautiful bottles. In addition to tasting the bottles and enjoying the summer vacation sun, the chosen budding wine taster will also be able to visit some of our Wine Club’s beautiful wineries and vineyards,” the wine company said, according to Food and Wine. .

To participate and see if you are chosen, you must complete an application on the Majestic website and explain in 200 words why you think you deserve to be chosen. You have until August 19 to do so.

The winner will be contacted before August 22 and the wine trip will take place in September.

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