Completely naked, Evaluna Montaner showed off her pregnancy belly

Evaluna Montaner and her most feminine side during pregnancy.

Evaluna Montaner and her most feminine side during pregnancy.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer. /Getty Images

Since Camilo Y Evaluate Montaner They made it known that they were in the sweet wait and have not stopped showing off the pregnant belly of the singer and actress. They recently raised concern about a severe fall suffered by Evaluna in her sixth month of pregnancy. Fortunately, and although she suffered a knee injury, things did not get worse and that is why, Completely naked and covering her breasts with her hands, Evaluna Montaner showed off her pregnancy.

The small Indigo will come to life Camilo Y Evaluate Montaner at the end of March if everything goes as planned. Despite looking and being very young, Evaluate Montaner She has not only Camilo but her entire family and fans drooling over how beautiful she looks. Therefore, without fear of anything, Evaluna Montaner took off her clothes and was naked to show her best project with her husband Camilo, her pregnancy and the next birth of Indigo.

At first the couple tried to keep the sex of the baby a secret. However, the mother of Eva Luna, revealed the baby’s gender by mistake. Marlene Salomé, wife of the singer Ricardo Montaner and mother too Mau and Rickyattended a television program in which he talked about the new baby brand that he is launching together with Evaluna and he said that: “Maybe Evaluna and Camilo have a girl.” However, she did not guarantee it.

We will have to wait to see what Indigo will be, but all the love of fans in the world and of his family has already been noted. Camilo, meanwhile, continues to be successful and wins 10 nominations in the next Ours Awardwhile recently confessing that she had a psychological pregnancy at the beginning of Evaluate Montaner and that he came to suffer some of the typical ills.

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