Confirmed that Michael Keaton joins the casting of “Batgirl”

Through social networks they have confirmed that in the new HBO Max project “Batgirl” will have the participation of the actor Michael keaton, who officially joins the casting of the new film, so he points out that the famous will not only repeat his role as Batman in “The Flash.”

And, according to Comic Book, Warner Bros. Pictures published a “movie preview kit” with the versions of the cast of their updated films, but what has caused a stir is that the name of the famous appears; He is present twice in the tape “The Flash”.

Last November we shared you on AmericanPost.News who presented the official logo of “Batgirl”, for which he announced his first recordings of the tape, at the time Keaton’s participation was not confirmed, but now they have finally revealed some details.

Michael Keaton to participate in the movie “Batgirl”

The actor joined the new HBO movie Max The actor played Batman in 1989

We remember that rumors emerged last October, as they speculated that Batman would appear in the HBO Max tape, at the time they commented that it would be Ben Affleck‘s Batman. On the other hand, Leslie Grace participates as the protagonist in the new project.

JK Simmons, who will play Commissioner Gordon again, also participates, the supervillain Firefly will be played by Brendan Fraser, Jacob Scipio will also join the casting, although it is unknown what role he will have in the film.

The direction of the film will be in charge of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who were part of “Bad Boys for Life”, it was also announced that the scriptwriter will be Christina Hodson, while Kristin Burr will be the producer.

How many times was Michael Keaton Batman?

The actor played Batman in 1989

The first film that played the famous character was released in 1989, later he used the suit again for the film “Batman Returns” that was released in 1992, so now they have released what will be the next project of the famous where he will play the character again.

It is worth mentioning that the HBO Max tape is scheduled to launch on the streaming platform next year 2022, although at the moment no new details of the project have been revealed, only the confirmation of the actor Michael Keaton in “Batgirl”.

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