Connecticut granny breaks TikTok with her secret to not having to iron clothes

Social networks have become the favorite medium for young and old to communicate with their loved ones, share their day-to-day life or become internet stars, just like a granny from Connecticut.

And it is that the woman of the third age has been consecrated in TikTok thanks to his videos with useful tips for anyone in the world, including fixing some house problems, cleaning the home garden and also doing laundry.

The user identified as @brunchwithbab has managed to exploit the Chinese platform in a good way, since it accumulates almost two million followers and about 19 million likes.

To reciprocate the constant support of her loyal followers, the dear grandmother shared her biggest secret, it is the trick to do not iron clothes when they come out of the washing machine.

The trick is to put ice cubes to the clothes before putting them in the dryer, because these will do their magic and it will be perfectly ironed, thus avoiding the cumbersome work of having to spend hours removing wrinkles from clothes.

The time that is the key for everything to be successful is 15 minutesrevealed the woman who has every solution if we talk about the difficulties we find at home.

“Do you like ironing on a beautiful sunny day? Me neither. Try ice cubes instead, ”the granny influencer is heard in the clip she posted on her social media.

“Works great on cotton. Another option is to throw a damp cloth”, highlighted the @brunchwithbabs account, paying an alternative for the cause.

Reactions were immediate, mostly applauding the woman’s determination to find solutions to such simple things: “Babs darling, you are a two-legged miracle” and “I love this woman and all her tricks,” users noted.

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