Consuelo Duval confessed what her greatest fear is when leaving this world

52-year-old Consuelo Duval finally revealed what one of her biggest fears in life has been, it is about death and it is that she confessed in Divine Net that she worries about what will happen with her children the day she leaves. this world, but her son Michel’s answer left her calm.

It turns out that the Mexican driver told Michel Duval that she was afraid of not knowing how her children will fare when she dies even though they are of legal age, she stressed that to date she continues to suffer with that thought.

In this fear of death caused by not having a mother and that I grew up without a mother and then my children my constant fear that if they are left without a mother, then they are already 30 years old and I continue to suffer so a little while ago I told him My son is that I’m afraid of dying and he told me ‘for whom? For us, don’t even worry about it’, he really took a weight off my shoulders, he really told me, ma, let’s move on, said Consuelo Duval.

Although the public sees her as a strong woman, as she has always shown it at night, many were surprised by the statement, but they let the artist know that these types of thoughts are normal.

“Your two precious children. They look like your brothers. God bless your beautiful family”, “What beautiful blessings for that beautiful family”, “Consuelo send you a big hug, accompanied by my best wishes for you and your family. My admiration for you “,” Best wishes for you Consuelito and your beautiful family is 2022 “, they write to this family in networks.

Another thing for which the Mexican actress is also admired is for how excellent she does comedy roles and is that she can be adapted to any role, but without a doubt the comic characters have always been her strong suit, she also has a long history on television, as well as other projects in the great entertainment industry.

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