Consuelo Duval does not shut up and gives her opinion about how cruel her stepmother was to her

Consuelo Duval The 53-year-old caused a stir on social networks by making it clear that he has very bad memories of his stepmother, because as some already know, his biological mother died several years ago, so his father returned to rebuild his life with a woman which apparently was not sweet at all with her.

And it is that in Netas Divinas they touched on that topic a little, where the drivers found the stepfather’s word a little strong, because it sounds rude, for which they began to say that they could be called another way, but Consuelo Duval, He immediately gave his opinion, remembering how his life was with his father’s partner.

“I already had stepmother stepmonster stepmother daughter of her reputable mother we haven’t worked on it yet and I haven’t reached that unit four sorry for your stepmonster no, but I also know that there are beautiful stepmothers, I couldn’t conceive that if I have a boyfriend and my boyfriend He is a widower and there are two little babies that I never behave like a culera, that is, on the contrary, I would give them all the love that I am capable of giving them,” says Consuelo Duval.

As expected, the reactions were immediate and many Internet users were in favor of her, while others were against, because they did not like the free way in which the Mexican host expresses herself, who is an icon on the small screen. .

“For me the best stepmother is Alessandria Rosaldo, she gets along very well with Eugenio’s children”, “I had a stepmother for 22 years and we had ups and downs but I think we grew up together because most of the time we shared many things and I learned a lot of her! My father was not confirmed and gave us another stepmother! Say Consuelo a daughter of his re…..”, write social networks.

It is worth mentioning that on more than one occasion the controversy has been unleashed in said program due to the divided opinions that the drivers have sometimes, because as everyone already knows, they handle different topics.

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