Consuelo Duval shows off her oil-filled abdomen as she moves her hips while doing a Hawaiian dance

January 11 Consuelo Duval turned 53, and to celebrate her daughter Paly shared in her stories of Instagram a video that shows the actress wearing a patterned bikini, with her abdomen full of oil and doing a sensual Hawaiian dance. The clip has impressed locals and strangers, especially since she sports a toned figure.

To start the year, the host also published a photo in which she appears very sexy wearing a dress with a wide neckline, but also another celebrating accompanied by her children, who also work in the artistic environment. Commenting on that image, Maribel guard wrote: “Your two precious children. They look like your brothers. God bless your beautiful family 🙏🏼 ”.

One of Consuelo’s greatest friends is the actor Eugenio Derbez, who rushed to congratulate her through publications and with an emotional message: “Today is this woman’s birthday, nothing normal. It’s intense, cheesy, and loud. When he laughs he looks like he swallowed Chucky, but he also has a huge heart. ❤️ If life gave me the opportunity to choose her as a sister of life … I would do it again. I adore you!”

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