Consumer complaints against airlines increase more than 300% in the United States

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) released its Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR) on the Airline operational data for the month of April 2022 on on-time performance and mishandled baggage consumer complaintsamong others.

In April 2022, the DOT received 5,079 complaints about airline service from consumers, 14.8% more than the 4,423 complaints received in March 2022 and 321.5% more than the 1,205 complaints received in April 2019 before the pandemic.

Of the 5,079 complaints received in April 2022, 3,173 (62.5%) were against US airlines; 1,409 (27.7%) against foreign airlines; and 497 (9.8%) against travel companies.

Likewise, of the 5,079 complaints received in April 2022, 1,641 (32.3%) referred to returns. The Department’s Office of Aviation Consumer Protection noted that it continues to communicate with airlines and travel companies that receive refund complaints to ensure compliance with refund requirements and that many passengers who were initially denied refunds and They have received.

Flight problems were the second highest category of complaints received in April 2022. Of the 5,079 complaints received, 1,549 (30.5%) concerned cancellations, delays or other deviations from airline schedules. The Department’s Office of Aviation Consumer Protection (OACP) routinely contacts airlines with widespread cancellations or delays to remind them of their obligation to immediately reimburse passengers who choose not to accept the alternative offered for a canceled or significantly modified flight.

In April 2022, all 10 network marketing airlines reported 580,290 scheduled domestic flights, of which 13,397 (2.3%) were canceled.

The report points out the highest commercial airline on-time arrival rates in April 2022:

– Airline network Delta, 81.9%
-Network of united airlines, 80.9%
– Hawaiian Airlines, 80.8%

Lower on-time arrival rates of marketing airlines in April 2022:

JetBlue Airlines, 53.3%
– Border airlines: 58.4%
– Spirit Airlines, 58.5%

April 2022 flight cancellations:

In April 2022, the airlines that reported canceling 2.3% of their scheduled domestic flights, a rate higher than 1.5% in March 2022 and lower than the rate of 2.4% in April 2019 before the pandemic.

Lowest commercial airline fees for canceled flightsin April 2022:

Delta airline network, 1.1%
– Hawaiian Airlines, 1.4%
– American Airlines Network, 1.6%

Highest airline marketing rates for canceled flights April 2022:

Spirit Airlines, 10.3%
– JetBlue Airlines, 9.0%
– Alaska Airlines Network, 3.8%

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