Controversial shooting on Grand Concourse: Mentally ill man fatally shot by NYPD in The Bronx, NYC

"The New York Police Department's response to mental illness is under scrutiny after a controversial shooting on Grand Concourse left a mentally ill man dead. Mayor Eric Adams' plan for NYPD and mental health faces criticism."

On Sunday morning, the New York Police Department (NYPD) killed a mentally unstable man after a 911 call was placed after several neighbors on the Grand Concourse near E. Kingsbridge Road reported that the victim was loitering in the area with a knife.

According to the official report from the New York Police Department, they claimed they had no details of the man’s condition. The victim’s name, age, and condition have also not been reported at this time. For their part, NYPD officers were not injured in the procedure.

Mayor Eric Adams had presented a plan for the NYPD and the Big Apple’s emergency services to refer people with serious mental illnesses that could pose a risk to themselves and others to psychiatric units. According to the president, “it is unacceptable to see someone who needs help walk by.”

Might be interesting:

Even last February, several New York spokespersons spoke out against the actions Adams may be taking regarding mental health and the NYPD’s presence in these actions. In the first week of February, Toni Smith, director of the Drug Policy Alliance of New York, openly criticized the Big Apple Administration for presenting a plan that “doesn’t work.”

In addition, she called for NYPD men not to handle these types of cases as they are not useful in dealing with mental health situations. This could lead to interactions that could lead to violent action by disturbed individuals and even arrest.