Controversy arises as Bad bunny named as “rightful heir” to Michael Jackson by Time magazine

"El Conejo Malo" made it onto the first Spanish-language cover of Time magazine, and gets compared with the King Of Pop.

Bad Bunny became the first artist to headline the cover of TIME magazine with a text entirely in Spanish. However, the interview and his viral photo shoot caused great outrage on social networks after he was named a “rightful heir to Michael Jackson.”

El Conejo Malo opened up about various aspects of his life in a recent interview published by the renowned U.S. media, including his childhood in his native Puerto Rico and the strong accusations he has faced for his lyrics in hit songs such as Yo Perreo Sola, Safaera and Gato de Noche.

Despite this, the nomination has generated great controversy due to the names among which it was placed, as El Rey Del Pop would not be the only international star that appeared in the text: “With seven years of career, Benito, 29, is a legitimate heir of Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson or Beyoncé”, it was mentioned in the publication.

El nombre de Beyoncé también formó parte de la lista 
REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni
Beyoncé’s name was also part of the list REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

After the cover, the session and that part of the article were widely circulated on social networks. Complaints did not take long to arrive, as more than one argued that it was rash to ensure that the singer had already made history in the music industry and could have a legacy as the American did with tunes like Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and Thriller.

Comments against him, the musical genre he heads, or the type of fashion he used to grace the cover of TIME magazine have flooded social networks, with Michael Jackson being one of the most recurrent triggers for his detractors and fans of the late singer to attack Bad Bunny strongly.

“How is it possible that with less than a decade, there are people who consider that Bad Bunny could already be sitting at the table of superstars when his success is not assured and that has not yet been proven.” “Reggaeton has much to prove because it’s not about whether some people like it. It’s about making real history, not because a magazine says so.” “After seeing that and knowing that it was TIME magazine who named it that way, I don’t trust information coming from there anymore.” “Comparing these two stars is like doing it with their respective works. We all know that Safaera is not even ten percent of what The Way You Make Me Feel is,” they expressed.

Bad Bunny fue el protagonista de la primera portada totalmente en español de la revista Time
Crédito: @time / Instagram
Bad Bunny was the star of Time magazine’s first all-Spanish cover Credit: @time / Instagram.

Benito’s childhood.

“My mom would buy records from a catalog, which was like a book, and you would pick the records, and they came by the dozens, well, she would pick like eight and let me pick the last four. I would take Marc Anthony CDs, Victor Manuel, and bolero music CDs. I grew up always listening to music and would try to imitate the singers’ voices and the sounds they made. From a young age, it was always my passion. I was always a big fan of the artists,” he shared with Time magazine.

The Puerto Rican native also confronted the criticism that his music and lifestyle generate on social networks, assuring that if some people don’t like it, they should be the ones to look for other audio and visual offers:

Bad Bunny se sinceró sobre su pasado y su infancia 
(Foto AP/Chris Pizzello)
Bad Bunny opened up about his past and childhood (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello).

“I make music for the people who love me. When I read comments that say, ‘Bad Bunny, I’m not going to listen to your music now,’ that’s fine. Suppose you don’t want to listen to my music anymore. That’s fine; someone will like it. I make music for whoever wants to listen to me and whoever wants to connect with me. If you don’t like what I’m doing, I won’t make something else for you to like. If you don’t like it, well, brother, there are a lot of artists out there, and maybe you’ll find someone you like,” he finished.