Costco has already started limiting gasoline sales to store associates in New Jersey.

Starting Tuesday, only Costco members will be able to refuel at the warehouse chain’s gas stations. The change includes stations throughout New Jersey.

Beginning July 5, you will be required to have a Costco membership card to purchase gas at Costco-operated stations.

This could be a problem for some drivers looking to save money, since gas at Costco stations is often less expensive than elsewhere.

The price of a single gallon of regular gas at a Costco in New Jersey on Tuesday was $4.55.about $0.25 cents less than the state average for unleaded gasoline, ABC 7 reported.

It should be noted that authorities in New Jersey have previously said that restricting gasoline sales violates state law. As a result of this argument, Costco and other warehouse clubs had to scrap a similar plan that they planned to launch in 2004.

But officials recently determined that limiting sales to warehouse club members only does not violate state consumer protection lawsso companies are beginning to restrict their sale.

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