Costco Membership: How to Know If Membership Is Worth It

Costco Membership: How to Know If Membership Is Worth It

Some risks are when making impulse purchases and wasting food that could wipe out your wallet instead of saving money.

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While Costco’s prices for gas, soda, bulk deals, rotisserie chicken, cheap wines, and even toilet paper may look promising, if you’re prone to impulse buying or wasting food it may not be recommended that you be a member.

We explain how to know if you should become a Costco member and acquire its membership.

You can buy at Costco without a membership

  • You can buy at Costco online no need to be a member, but if you are, you will get a 5% discount on each purchase. So if you spend more than $ 1,200 at without being a member, you are losing money.
  • Costco is known for its bulk sizes, which translates to higher prices, so you could rack up a larger and more expensive receipt if you have a tendency to buy on impulse.
  • Also, if you live far from one of its more than 813 branches you may be spending more money on gas by driving to your nearest store. If you are taking a long drive to get to a branch, you may not buy enough to cover the cost of membership and it will be worth it.
  • Costco has a reputation for offering great deals, but not all of them are. Items like branded pasta and cereals are usually cheaper in regular supermarkets.

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However, having a Costco membership it could represent you great benefits:

A place for different services

Costco can represent an opportunity if you like to save time and money since members can access the gas station, food court, optical services and the pharmacy of the store, in addition to the huge variety of products offered in she.

The fact that the store groups different services into one also makes it an attractive destination for consumers looking to reduce their shopping trips during the pandemic.

Some of Costco’s partners have counted that gasoline prices are cheaper.

In addition, the branches also stock unique items shoppers can’t find elsewhere like Mexico-made Coca-Cola bottles, toilet paper, Kirkland brand decaf coffee and their famous $ 4.99 rotisserie chicken.

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Savings for buying in bulk

The store can also be a savings opportunity if you are one of those people who divide their membership with other families or have a large home. Buying produce or meat in bulk won’t save you money unless you can consume it before it expires.

Now it is up to you and to evaluate if acquiring the Costco membership is right for you, especially when the cost of the membership could increase over the next few months.

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