Costco: the number of visitors to physical stores already exceeds pre-pandemic levels in the United States

Costco: the number of visitors to physical stores already exceeds pre-pandemic levels in the United States

Despite the pandemic and the hardships of the economic recovery, Costco is the market leader for membership warehouses

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When the Delta variant made its appearance and was determined to be highly contagious, it began to be said that it would probably scare consumers and they would stop attending the main shopping centers and warehouses in all the cities of the country.

Apparently this has not been entirely true, as Americans gradually have been returning to carry out their consumption activities As before the pandemic, this has been made clear by a report that gives an account of the activity of people prepared by

An example of the above is represented by the membership access supermarkets, which in recent months have exceeded the levels of visitors prior to the pandemic. Costco is the warehouse that dominates market share. released data showing that Costco leads consumer transit with 55.5% of customers wholesalers who visited your warehouse, this measurement corresponds to the month of August. On the other hand, Sam’s Clubs, which is owned by Walmart, represented 36.2% and BJ’s Wholesale obtained a discreet 8.3%. indicated that “Costco visits have grown steadily compared to 2019, with visits in June, July and August up 9.8%, 13.8% and 12.8% compared to the equivalent months two years earlier.”

The report added that the increase in visits is incredible, as it is a “strong signal that the brand not only managed to have relative strength during the pandemic, but turned that short-term strength into a foundation for long-term success. ”. added that even though Costco has “rigid membership model, there are real reasons to believe that Costco will be even stronger in the coming years. “.

But all three wholesale clubs are seeing visitor increases beyond 2019. During August, visits increased 11.9% at Sam’s Club and 15.4% at BJ’s compared to two years earlier. For July, those numbers were 13.8% for Costco, 18.1% for Sam’s Club, and 17.1% for BJ’s.

Meanwhile, as COVID-19 persists and the Delta variant continues to rise, Costco has reinstated purchase limits on some items such as paper products and water, and reversed its decision to lift senior shopping hours over concerns. about the virus.

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