Could Andrea Escalona broadcast her birth on a live show?

Andrea Escalona is living one of the most important stages of her life, and a few months before the birth of her son, the host was asked about the possibility of broadcasting the birth live. To everyone’s surprise, she did not rule out the option.

In American Post News, we have let you know that Andrea Escalona has shared all the details of her pregnancy in the program “Hoy,” as we remember that during a broadcast, she confirmed the news and revealed the gender of her firstborn.

A few months away from meeting her son, the host and actress talked about her excitement and experiences and the possibility that her delivery would be broadcast on the morning show, which her mother led.

Will Andrea Escalona broadcast her delivery live?

Andrea Escalona reveals that she would like to give birth during a live program.

In a recent meeting with the press, Andrea Escalona was asked about her upcoming work plans and assured that she would continue working until the last moment and even revealed that there is a possibility that the birth of her son will be broadcast live during the program.

“It would be great if he was born live. I like to share it, as I grew up all my life with television, with cameras, for me, it is very normal,” she said.

She also expressed her opinion about celebrities who decide not to show their children’s faces, and although she said that it is a very respectable decision, she ruled out that it is something she will do.

She also revealed that she is thinking of writing a book about her experiences and the pregnancy process: “Something for more information, not only about the baby but to talk a little bit about everything; about losses, grief and certain things that have helped me in this process. Undoubtedly, my dad has played a very important role in this process,” she revealed.

Who is the father of Andrea Escalona’s baby?

Who is the father of Andrea Escalona’s son?

Although host Andrea Escalona has kept her relationship with the father of her son private, it is known that his name is Marcos Estrada.

According to what has been made known, Andrea Escalona and Marco met thanks to Galilea Montijo since he is a businessman who works with Fernando Reina Iglesias, husband of the tapatia.

On the other hand, Andrea Escalona assures that her partner has participated in all her decisions regarding her pregnancy, so she would not be the only one to have the decision to transmit her delivery.