Could Potro Caballero and Laura Bozzo have a romantic relationship?

We cannot deny that the second edition of ‘The House of the Famous‘ was full of conflicts between the members, however, it also had its funny moments, like the time when Luis ‘Potro’ Knight He gave Laura Bozzo a passionate kiss.

The romantic rapprochement between the ex-participant of ‘Acapulco Shore‘ and the Peruvian controversy was repeated when the host left the program, so many began to think that Caballero could be the new conquest of Bozzo.

In the face of speculation, it is the same Luis ‘Potro’ Knight who reveals if he would have a relationship with Laura Bozzo, because, during his stay on the program, both would have become quite close.

First, the influencer told how the kiss between the driver and him took place inside the house, clarifying that, at first, it was planned as a “kiss of three” with Toni Costa, but that the dancer would have refused last minute.

Would Potro Caballero accept a relationship with Laura Bozzo?

“It was a topic that had been planned as a ‘kiss of three’, Tony Costa left us lying, then we gave it to each other and, obviously, I welcomed Laura to real life, again with a kiss and it was very funny”, said the young man in a meeting with the press.

Given the idea of ​​having a future relationship with the driver, Caballero mentioned that he has stood out for having “good taste”, and, although he clarified that Bozzo was a “very beautiful” woman, he expressed that he likes young women .

“I have always characterized myself by having good taste”…

“I’m not saying that Laura is not a beautiful woman, but, obviously, something that goes according to my age, to my personality. I could not bear Laura every day, like this, waking up with her,” he confessed.

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Laura Bozzo and Potro are good friends

Laura Bozzo and Potro are good friends

However, he stated that there is a great friendship between the two and that he even promised to invite him to his house in Acapulco, Guerrero, to spend time.

“Laura and I are great friends, she agreed to invite me to Acapulco, right now she is relaxing there at her house, in the pool and everything. After 90 days locked up, imagine arriving in Acapulco, the last thing you want to do is be seeing the same people you were locked up with all the time, ”she said.

On the other hand, he was happy for Ivonne Montero’s victory in ‘LCDLF2’, as he shared that he greatly appreciates the actress, in addition to the fact that he always saw her as a “potential winner”.

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