could spend up to 9 years for tax offense

  • Television presenter Laura Bozzo could face a sentence of between three and nine years in prison for committing a tax offense
  • Bozzo is accused of selling a property that was seized by the Tax Administration Service
  • Bozzo faces a red token ordered by Interpol to search and locate her

Laura Bozzo could reach a sentence of between three and nine years in prison for committing a tax crime of more than 12 million pesos when selling a property that was seized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), reported the El Universal news agency .

In the opinion of the lawyer Fernando Acevedo Espinosa, upon being detained, Laura Bozzo would take her proceedings in prison for the criminal offense that is charged against her and because she did not voluntarily enter prison as ordered by the control judge; however, their legal status will be determined at the corresponding hearing.

Laura Bozzo could face up to 9 years in prison

Laura Bozzo jail
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Consequently, a red card was issued to Interpol for his search and arrest to be processed in Mexico. Despite this, the applicant lawyer believes that a favorable outlook could occur for Bozzo.

“Politically speaking, if the policies of this government teach us anything, it is that when they reach an economic agreement they grant them forgiveness or a type of benefit contrary to law, for example,” he explains. “We would have to wait and see if an agreement is reached, however, strictly speaking, he should be given preventive detention since he failed to confine himself voluntarily.”

What is the crime for which Laura Bozzo is detained?

laura bozzo jail
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The lawyer explains that the name of the crime is not unfaithful depositary but tax fraud. When saying, “unfaithful depositary” refers to a conduct or legal figure, he comments that when an asset is seized, a depositary is set, or who is in charge of the care of that asset, and in this case, she was set as the depositary. within the administrative enforcement procedure.

“The crime they are charging you with is tax fraud, which is in Article 108 of the Federal Tax Code, which says that if you cheat or through mistakes you do not pay any contribution and it is harmful, you are committing this type of crime,” he explains.

“I was obliged not to sell the property”

laura bozzo
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Textually, the Federal Tax Code reads in said article: “Anyone who, using deception or taking advantage of errors, totally or partially omits the payment of a tax or obtains an undue benefit to the detriment of the treasury, commits the crime of tax fraud. Federal.

“For the value of the defrauded, a prison sentence of three to nine years would be applied because the value exceeds $ 2,898,490 (two million, eight hundred ninety-eight thousand, four hundred and ninety pesos) that the law provides but if it at any given time pays in a single exhibition, according to the law they tell you that you have a benefit and that is that the penalty is reduced to 50%. “I understand that she gave a property as collateral. She was legally obliged not to sell the property given as collateral, however she violated her obligation and sold the property ”, concluded the lawyer Fernando Acevedo Espinosa.

Alfredo Adame offers reward to locate Laura Bozzo

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The Mexican presenter and actor, Alfredo Adame offers a reward of 100,000 pesos to the person who helps him locate the Peruvian driver, Laura Bozzo, who is a fugitive from Mexican justice for a tax offense; “I am going to offer 100,000 to the person who helps me locate it with reliable data.”

Go that things have gotten quite complicated for the Peruvian driver Laura Bozzo, since after not complying with an order imposed by the general judge on August 11, the also lawyer is wanted by Interpol in more than 190 countries. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Jail.

Alfredo Adame admits that he filed the lawsuit against the presenter

Alfredo Adame admits that he filed the lawsuit against Laura Bozzo
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But what does Alfredo Adame have to do with all these problems? It all began when the Mexican driver confessed that it was he who filed a complaint against Laura Bozzo, after the actor, also an actor, received an anonymous message about an alleged fraud that the Peruvian driver had carried out, and that, according to the words of Alfredo, it was checked.

“A person contacts me and says’ Mr. Adame, I have very important evidence for you to put Laura Bozzo in jail ‘and then I give him my phone number, he dials the person and says’ look, he sold us a condominium, and then we made a purchase-sale contract before a notary and suddenly 3 or 4 months passed and when we went to the notary ‘oh surprise’, it seems that the condominium is repossessed ”. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Jail.

Alfredo Adame offers reward to locate Laura Bozzo

Alfredo Adame offers reward
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Alfredo Adame continued explaining the anonymous complaint they made to him about an alleged fraud committed by Laura Bozzo: “… The condominium was seized by the Treasury, it was given as collateral for a payment of 12 million pesos in 2012 that to date between fines and surcharges and updates have already become 80 million pesos ”, he assured.

Given this, the driver had said that he gave Laura 48 hours to appear in court on her own feet, however, the driver, as mentioned previously, never showed up, causing now Alfredo Adame to offer a reward to be able to locate it. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Jail.

Alfredo Adame does not stay with his arms crossed

Alfredo Adame does not stay with his arms crossed
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With data from the “However” portal, this reward was given during an interview with the program “El Chsimorreo”, where the former candidate confessed that, in addition to learning about Laura Bozzo’s tax crime, he also stated that he offers an economic reward for who provide information on the location of Bozzo.

“I am going to offer 100,000 pesos to whoever tells me, just as I did with the ‘King Grupero’ when the arrest warrant was released, but it will be the one who gives us reliable data”, as if this reward were not enough, the actor He listed all the crimes that Laura committed when she was in Peru. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Jail.

All the alleged fraud of the Peruvian

all the alleged fraud of the Peruvian
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“Remember that Laura Bozzo arrived from Peru with four years of roots and remember that she was in a television studio, she was accused of drug trafficking, money laundering, having resources of illicit origin and was related to three murders,” said Alfredo Adame after offering reward for Laura Bozzo.

After this, the driver again brought up the source that told him, with everything and evidence, about the tax evasion that the driver had committed, because according to the person who contacted him, he argued that the Peruvian had sold him a property that I already belonged to the SAT, that was where all the problems lie. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE. Filed Under: Laura Bozzo Jail.

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