Coup to the narco in Nicaragua; Cocaine shipment valued at $ 2.2 million seized

Due to its geographical location, the transit of large quantities of drugs from South America is becoming more and more common.

Photo: ORLANDO SIERRA / AFP / Getty Images

A Cocaine shipment valued at $ 2,200,000 dollars was seized on the southern border of Nicaragua, the National Police reported this Wednesday.

The drug, which was transported in a trailer, was seized on Tuesday at the Peñas Blancas border post, which divides Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the police institution reported.

“In the inspection carried out on the vehicle, a hidden compartment was detected in the internal part of the thermo king, containing 84 packages wrapped in adhesive tape, brown, with white substance, A field test was positive for cocaine, weighing 88 kilos and 298.2 grams ”, detailed the second head of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), of the National Police, Victoriano Ruiz.

The citizen Guatemalan Eswin Rolando Santos Cordero, 36, a car driver, was arrested for transferring the drug, according to official information.

Both the cocaine shipment and Santos Cordero were placed under the orders “of the competent authorities,” the police said, without specifying the institution.

The Nicaraguan Police pointed out that the capture occurred within the framework of the plan called “retaining wall”, a permanent strategy that, according to the authorities, consists of preventing “the entry and circulation of drugs, seizure of assets from illegal activities, or the establishment of organized crime organizations ”.

Although Nicaragua is not a producer of psychotropic drugs, it has become a new and significant avenue for the illicit traffic of these substances. Due to its geographical location it has, It is a transit channel between the producing countries of South America and the main market, the United States.

According to specialists, its geographical position facilitates the activities of drug traffickers in many ways. The breadth of the territorial waters in both oceans, the low population density in the coastal areas, mainly in the Atlantic, and the rugged coastline with its lagoons, bays, capes and keys, end up turning Nicaragua into a “paradise” for this type of crime.

Added to the geographical conditions is the limited presence of the State with its institutions in these transit areas.

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