“Courage and resentment” between Juan Rivera and Lupillo

The Rivera could continue to be estranged, because at least Juan will not seek to get closer to Lupillo (Photo: @juanriveramusic / @lupilloriveraofficial) (Photo: @juanriveramusic / @ lupilloriveraofficial /)

Lupillo rivera And his brother Juan they continue to be submerged in the conflict that revived last May. The singers they have no plans to reconcile, less on the part of Juan, who assured that he is the Bull of the corrido who should of respect it before getting to have a new approach.

Juan Rivera confessed that the relationship he maintains with Lupillo will not be able to return to good terms unless his brother is willing to respect him again, since it would be Belinda’s ex-boyfriend who has caused the conflicts between them to continue and even intensify .

In an interview with the program The sun rises, Jenni Rivera‘s brother mentioned that between him and Lupillo currently there is not even a relationship, but rather there is only negative feelings due to the behavior you have had towards him.

And, according to the singer, his biggest problem is that the interpreter of Suffering alone has spoken ill of him from hints, to which he always responds and which caused controversy in his entire family.

Juan rivera
Juan Rivera confessed that he has no intention of approaching Lupillo if he does not show respect first (Photo: screenshot / YouTube)

“There is nothing. There is anger and resentment for things that already happened, but as I said, if my carnal respects me enough not to mention me or give hints, there is no quarrel, I keep quiet. That is, Lupe is 50, I am 43, we are men, we are mature and well, as I told my nephews, If you don’t want me to answer, then don’t mention me”Said Juan.

He added that for him these family conflicts are something common and normal, since before Jenni died they already existed, so he only has to accept that like this, many more will arise. “It’s not the first time that there are problems in the family, it will not be the last time. Jenni had these family problems. We are an ordinary family ”, he commented.

And it is that in June Juan Rivera uncovered that in April 2020 they had maintained a healthy relationship as brothers, which allowed them to get to work together in their musical careers, however, there was a big fight during one of the birthdays of his wife Brenda , which led them to distance themselves again.

Juan rivera
Since last June Juan has talked about the few intentions he has to get along with his brother again (Photo: Instagram / @ juanriveramusic)

“He came to want to fight me on Brenda’s birthday. Yelling at me, offending me and as I have never raised my hand to my carnal And I’ve even defended him as far as I could, he knows he can do that. He told me a lot of things and I kept quiet“He confessed in a live broadcast through his Instagram account.

As Juan commented at that time, his brother called him “trash“,” Black sheep “,” is useless “and”shit”, Which was a humiliation for him.

After this fight, Lupillo tried to approach the singer through his lawyer, but this upset Juan, who asked him to find him to speak alone. However, this would be done with the knowledge that, for the moment, he does not think that there can be a reconciliation, because the insults have been as much for him as for his family.

Lupillo rivera
Lupillo Rivera would only have tried to approach his brother from his lawyer, this to reconcile, since they had some musical projects together (Photo: Instagram @lupilloriveraofficial)

“Carnal, I will no longer allow you to humiliate me like this because you did it a lot in your life and i’ve endured it and he knows how has offended every member of this family“, He said.

In August Juan assured that he would no longer mention the enmity he has with his brother in order not to make his mother feel bad, because she asked him to calm down and leave the situation alone so as not to make it more serious.


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