Covid-19 and economic crisis reduce Red Cross volunteers in Yucatán

The number of volunteers who sign up for the Yucatan Delegation of the Mexican Red Cross, to become Emergency Medical Technicians (TUM), has decreased in recent years and even more with the pandemic of the Covid-19, revealed Fernando Estrada Novelo, State Relief Coordinator.

In an interview with AmericanPost.News, within the framework of International Volunteer Day, the lifeguard of the Mexican Red Cross He pointed out that the hands that are needed within the institution will never be enough, since their work is endless in the State.

In this sense, Estrada Novelo said that during 2020 and in addition to attending emergency services to sick people and victims of road accidents, the Yucatan Delegation of the Mexican Red Cross It supported with humanitarian work after the natural disasters that affected several municipalities.

Hands are always needed

Within the framework of International Volunteer Day, the XXXI generation of TUM received their graduation certificate The State Relief Coordinator of the Mexican Red Cross in Yucatan recognized that the participation of volunteers has decreased over the years Only the Relief Coordination serves up to 800 monthly services

“We are always going to need people who are interested in supporting the institution, maybe there are people who say they do not enter the Red Cross because they don’t like blood, they don’t necessarily have to get into an ambulance, they can help in other areas, “he said.

After the graduation ceremony of the XXXI generation of TUM, the relief coordinator recalled that in previous years, the number of graduates from the State School of the Mexican Red Cross It was around 80 people, but they were gradually decreasing until reaching the number of 37 in 2021.

Estrada Novelo added that the drastic decrease in graduates in this generation was also due to the time lost by the pandemic of Covid-19, since normally the training process lasts one year, but the social confinement due to the health contingency forced the suspension of the course, extending the training of current graduates to two years.

“With the pandemic for several months instructional work was suspended, later virtual classes began to be implemented, however, as it is a highly specialized activity, it requires face-to-face practice ”, he shared.

Pandemic hit the pockets

The State Relief Coordinator of the Mexican Red Cross in Yucatán acknowledged that the participation of volunteers has decreased over the years.Only the Relief Coordinator attends up to 800 monthly services

He also recognized the economic impact that the disease left on many people, as he said that to be part of the Red CrossIn addition to the vocation of service, effort, time and money are required to cover some expenses.

Along the same lines, he appealed to Yucatecans interested in supporting the Mexican Red Cross, to get closer to the institution. He recalled that people from 8 to 17 years old can be part of the Youth Coordination, while those of 18 years and older can take their TUM training, to be part of the relief coordination.

He mentioned that there are currently 200 volunteers in the coordination of the Yucatan Delegation, of which 60 percent are women and 40 percent are men. He also indicated that monthly, they attend an average of 800 emergency calls, of which mainly are about people with some disease.

He stated that during the pandemic of Covid-19, respiratory attacks and the suspicion of this disease, were the most constant causes in the day, attending up to 20 services of this type at the most critical moment of the disease, compared to the three attentions that are currently performed per day for this reason.


Only the Relief Coordination attends up to 800 monthly services

During the event held at the North Base of the Mexican Red Cross, the State Delegate, Michelle Byrne de Rodríguez congratulated the 22 women and 15 men that make up Generation XXXI, for their perseverance and dedication to complete their studies despite the pandemic of Covid-19 and start a new stage in your professional life.

Accompanied by the head of the Sub-Directorate of the Hospital Network of Health Services of the state, Alberto Cervera Azcorra, the also National Counselor highlighted that paramedics have performed more than 2,400 services per Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, for which he recognized his effort to alleviate human suffering, and improve the living conditions of people and their communities.

Before the state coordinator of delegations, Dianela Alcocer Méndez, Byrne de Rodríguez also thanked the efforts of the educational authorities, who, together with the instructors and monitors, were in charge of continuing to teach classes.

For his part, the head of the Red Hospitalaria subdirectorate highlighted that the work carried out by the paramedics It is essential to take care of the health of all families, since of the total of emergency services carried out in the state, 25 percent are carried out by the Mexican Red Cross, which represents more than 14,600 transfers.

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Representing her generation, the student Nubia Aké Zozaya explained that after a long time, today they close a cycle and celebrate the graduation of a generation, “full of loyalty for these colors that represent a great institution, of which we feel very proud to be part ”.

After the inauguration of the new TUM, which was in charge of Estrada Novelo, the awards were given to the featured volunteers during the course. Of the Relief Coordination He was received by paramedics, Isabel Rodríguez Interián; by Training, Nadia Villegas Salazar and Aké Zozaya; and by Volunteering, Ethel Luna Bojórquez and José Luis Ancona Cervera.

In addition to family and friends of the graduates, during the ceremony were also present the State Coordinators of Volunteering, Training and Fundraising, Antonio García Fuentes, Jorge Arturo Contreras Lizama and Silvia Casares de Fuente, respectively, as well as the Local Training Coordinator , Pricila Cetz Baqueiro.

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