COVID-19: California Universities Will Return To Online Classes For Two Weeks As Contagions Increase

UCLA reported that it will return to remote classes for two weeks in January 2022.

Photo: ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

UCLA, UC Irvine, US San Diego and US Riverside Universities announced this Tuesday that, Due to the increase in COVID-19 infections, they will return to online classes during the first two weeks of the winter term, in January.

In a letter, the president of the UC system, Dr. Michael Drake, emphasized the 10 principals of the system the requirement for booster shots against COVID-19 for eligible students and staff.

Drake urged the rectors to develop a plan for a return to campus in January that mitigates public health impacts, respond to the unique circumstances facing your campus, and maintain teaching and research operations.

“This may require campuses to begin the quarter using remote instruction to allow students to complete an appropriate assessment protocol when they return to campus,” said Drake.

“Given the differences in local conditions and campus operations across the university, the length of this remote instruction period may vary from campus to campus,” he added.

Before that call, UCLA and UC Irvine announced that they will return to remote classes during the first two weeks of the winter term., which will begin on January 3.

UC Riverside and US San Diego They will also return with online classes.

In a letter to the UCLA community, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Michael J. Beck; and Immunology and Molecular Genetics Professor Megan McEvoy stated that all students should plan to return to school by January 9 to participate in a COVID-19 testing program that helps keep the school population healthyr.

Beck and McEvoy, co-chairs of UCLA’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force, indicated that faculty and school staff returning to campus after the end-of-year break will also participate in the coronavirus testing program.

UC Irvine also reacted to the call of the UC system president.

UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman wrote a message to his community acknowledging that change is a constant in the current pandemic environment and that they are committed to maintaining in-person instruction for the remainder of the academic year.

“At present, however, we know that it is unwise to return to in-person instruction immediately after winter break,” Gillman acknowledged.

The Chancellor mentioned that many members of the community will travel and meet in the weeks prior to the scheduled start of classes, on January 3, which will increase the risks of exposure to the virus, in addition to anticipating that the transmission of the Omicron variant will be intense towards the end of December and the beginning of January.

UC Irvine clarified that, although classes will be held remotely, the campus will remain in operation with the same personnel policies that they have followed in recent months.

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