Covid-19 reaches the Judiciary of Yucatan; more than 120 cases reported

The General Secretary of the Union of Workers of the Power of attorney of Yucatan, Renán Puc Chí, announced that the cases of Covid-19 They have increased in state court workers, reporting more than 120 positive cases.

According to Puc Chí, approximately 10% of its workers are isolated in their homes and mentions that no serious case has been reported so far.

More than 120 workers have tested positive for Covid-19 after the December holidaysfor which a petition was sent to the president of the Council of the State Judiciary to consider remote work from home, in order to reduce capacity in workplaces and thus try to avoid new infections, however it will be the Ministry of Health of Yucatan who determines if specific actions must be taken in the face of the rise in infections.

Increase in cases of Covid-19 in Yucatan

More than 120 cases have been registered after the holidays. Several municipalities in Yucatan have reported coronavirus outbreaks in their offices.

As we have reported in Truth News, Since the beginning of January and the arrival of the omicron variant in the state was detected, there has been a growing increase in cases of coronavirus, which are considered the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Due to the rapid spread of this variant of the coronavirus, outbreaks have been reported in various work centers, as occurred in the case of the City Councils of Mérida, Progreso, the offices of the State Government, among others.

Several municipalities in Yucatan have reported coronavirus outbreaks in their offices.

Given the drastic increase in these infections, some municipalities have taken the measure of suspending work for at least 15 days, while others resort to isolating positive patients to try to mitigate infections.

It is worth mentioning that only in the last 24 hours, the Yucatan Ministry of Health reported that 982 infections were registered, the death of 7 patients and 163 people admitted for Covid-19.

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