COVID: City in China will pay $288 to those who test positive for coronavirus and report it

Health authorities in the neighborhood of the city of Dalian, a port area of ​​more than seven million inhabitants, offer $288 dollars to those who test positive for COVID and report it.

Photo: Hector RETAMAL / AFP / Getty Images

Amid efforts to eradicate COVID-19 cases in China, A city is offering residents who are infected and report it to authorities a reward of around $288.

Health authorities in the Dalian city neighborhood, a port area of ​​more than seven million people, told residents that those who test positive in the antigen test will receive the reward.

In a video uploaded on the Yidian Zixun news platform, health workers from the Asian neighborhood are seen announcing the measure to passers-by and residents of the area by loudspeaker.

The measure arises in the middle of the outbreak of COVID, which last Monday left two new symptomatic cases and 85 asymptomatic ones in the area. The desperation to lower the rate of infections has led to the application of these types of measures.

The authorities have decreed partial confinements in certain areas of the city and they have carried out campaigns to apply PCR tests.

Just like in Dalian, in other cities, such as Harbin, rewards of $1,440 have been offered to those who test positive for a nucleic acid test for the coronavirus.

in the last few months the Asian country has been threatened by outbreaks attributed to the Omicron variantwhich translate into contagion figures that have not been seen since the first half of 2020.

According to the EFE agency since the beginning of the pandemic 245,367 people, not counting asymptomatic people, have been infected by the virus, of which 233,915 have recovered and 5,226 have died.

It is not new that China has been battling for months against the spread of the coronavirus. This has affected commercial activity by closing its ports and has motivated several companies, such as Airbnb, to decide to leave the country.

In the United States, the ravages of COVID is not a foreign issue either. The pandemic has left at least 4 million Americans out of the job market.

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