Covid Hunter, the first non-contact viral detector will be manufactured in Mexico

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The American company Advanced Medical Solutions International will scan the Covid with a next-generation device that, it is contemplated, will be manufactured in Mexico.

Do you want to know more about this new detection instrument against Covid? Here we tell you about him!

  • Detection of Covid will be easier thanks to an invention that will soon be manufactured in Mexico
  • Under the name of Covid Hunter, a new device will be able to scan for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, known colloquially as Covid.
  • The world’s first non-contact viral detector will be developed by Advanced Medical Solutions International

According to international media, it is already possible to detect the presence of Covid in people without the need for invasive tests.

This, thanks to the device known as Covid Hunter, a scanner designed to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a matter of seconds, making it the first non-contact viral detector that has been manufactured worldwide.

If all goes as expected, Mexico will become the country of manufacture for this new detection instrument, and its development will be in the hands of the North American company Advanced Medical Solutions International (AMSI).

Among the main features of the Covid Hunter is that it is designed to detect traces of Covid in people and objects, without the need for conventional medical tests.

Also, one of the advantages that comes with this device is that it is also capable of tracking new variants of Covid and other viruses, specifically influenza.

The company in charge of its manufacture declared to the media that “The Covid Hunter is a non-invasive, non-contact, immediate and portable virus detector, specially designed for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the covid-19 disease, demonstrating 99% effectiveness and with sensitivity within 0 to 2 meters on surfaces, through glass or transparent material, and within the human body ”.

Where will it be possible to detect Covid? With this new device, professionals will be able to locate the virus in organs such as the lungs, throat and even on the skin of individuals; In terms of surfaces, clothing will also be one of the objects in which the Covid Hunter will detect the presence of the viruses in question.

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Covid Hunter: the device that could change the way coronavirus and influenza are detected

The Covid Hunter has already made good impressions among health professionals. Alejandro Díaz Villalobos, a Mexican specialist and researcher who is part of the development of this project, assures that the device has proven to be 100% effective.

The doctor trusts that this type of device will help the population to prevent a higher rate of infections, and that “If we can immediately detect who is infected, we can mitigate their contact with other people or control their access”.

Interviewed by Forbes magazine, Villalobos stated that the team in charge of developing the project is made up of experts from Jordan and the United States, but that it will be in Mexico where it is manufactured and distributed.

The doctor hopes to “have the first production prototype in three weeks”; When this happens, the next step will be to obtain authorization from international health authorities, such as the FDA in the United States and Cofepris in Mexico.

Díaz commented that “I would ask Cofepris to allow us to move forward as quickly as possible with the entire paperwork process for its authorization, especially because we are at the most critical point of the spread of the virus.”

Another of the strengths of the Covid Hunter is that its price will be accessible, with the aim that it can be distributed to a large part of the population, thus helping to save as many human lives as possible.

In the same interview, the doctor shared: “I have experience in medical research in Mexico, the United States, Canada and other parts of the world and I can tell you that I have never in my life seen such a revolutionary technology as this, which made me take a 22-hour flight to see for myself its effectiveness”.

The medical researcher explained a little about the process that took place prior to making decisions regarding the manufacture of Covid Hunter in Mexico, and said that a panel of experts in biosafety, virology and immunology had met in Jordan for a few months. to share the new advances in the matter of Covid-19.

There, he assures, “We debated many things and learned many more and as part of the meeting a group of experts presented a technology that, through the use of a laser scanner, no greater than what we can find in self-service stores, we can detect the presence of the virus in people, all types of surfaces almost 2 meters away and even through plastic or thin glass ”.

The Covid Hunter works by means of a laser beam, which at first glance appears to be a scanner, and software designed to analyze in real time the presence of Covid-19 in the body or on surfaces.

If the existence of the protein is identified, the scanner will issue an alert; if it is not found, the device will continue to operate on a regular basis.

Finally, the doctor said that, during the tests carried out by the team of experts, the results showed a level of effectiveness of 100%, through the detection of Covid and the validation of the tests through a PCR examination.

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