COVID infections and deaths continue to rise in NYC but fewer and fewer New Yorkers heed the call to wear masks

The New York City has been on “high alert” for several days, due to the increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths, due to COVID-19but on the streets and trains of the Big Apple, the atmosphere does not seem to coincide with the call of the health authorities, not to let your guard down, and to reinforce care protocols against the virussuch as the use of face masks.

And it is that while the mercury continues to rise, and the Big Apple lives days that seem like summer, the positive cases of COVID still fired. This Thursday they reported 4,093 infections, more than double what it was a month ago on an average day. There are some 70 hospitalizations every 24 hours Y six deathsa figure that is also increasing, according to data from the City… and there are also fewer people wearing masks.

“I did not wear a mask again since they said it was no longer mandatory, because it is very ugly to be in the heat with that rag on your face”, is the defense made by the Colombian Juan Martinez, 26 years oldwhen questioned about why he does not abide by the municipal recommendation that face masks be used indoors and does not follow the order to wear a face mask, not even when traveling on the subway, (whose use is mandatory) more now than the alert level went up.

It is no longer mandatory. Many police officers don’t even use them. In addition, most people are already vaccinated; this is already like a flu, nothing serious is going to happen”, adds the student.

Bridget Dukewho assures that since the COVID-19 pandemic began, he has made masks “part of the wardrobe,” warns that if a vast portion of New Yorkers in the Big Apple currently do not listen to the advice of health authorities, it is because there’s a confusing message, which should be channeled.

“I never leave my mask nor do I let my children take them off, not even when we walk in the street, because I am scared that this will get worse, as it did in January, and with this one is more protected. But if they don’t make it mandatory, most won’t use it“said the Honduran mother. “I think the City should mandate that as long as cases are going up, and we are on alert, everyone has to wear masks. And when the cases drop, they remove it again. That message of ‘put it on’, but it is not a requirement, it generates confusion”.

The Mayor Eric Adamsaddressed the issue this Thursday, and mentioned that he firmly believes that people should wear masks indoors, but he showed that, in his opinion, it is not the time to panic yet, and he will not reinstate the mandate that forces New Yorkers to wear masks.

We must understand that we cannot be strict. Our hospitals are sending a clear message, they have it managed, the number of deaths, the number of hospitalizations under control. We are not going to fight an old war with the new tools we have for the future war, and we are doing it with the great coordination of our health professionals,” assured the local representativehighlighting that their decisions have been made based on science.

“I talk to my medical team every morning, and it’s about not panicking, it’s about being prepared with our readily available antivirals, delivered to your home if needed, for testing. We are going to put more than 16 million tests on people at home, ”said the mayor, showing that even his vision of the future is the total “goodbye” to the mask.

“The medical professionals at my morning briefings look at the data every day. They’re looking at what we’re doing now, continually urging all New Yorkers to wear masks, indoor environments, transportation, anywhere they are not safe or wherever they feel uncomfortable. We do not want to divert what has been working and managing these cases. And there will come a time when we will be able to take them (masks) off, not just our babies, but we will be able to normalize life in this city.”

And given the criticism he has received from some sectors for not reinstating the mask-wearing mandate with infections increasing every day, Adams mentioned that he is clear that he cannot please all New Yorkers.

“I have a lot of parents who say, ‘Eric, my son is in daycare. Please don’t take off his mask.’ I have several parents who say: ‘Please, let’s take it away’. COVID has caused a level of uncertainty, and no matter what you do, there will be a population in the city that will feel (unhappy),” the Mayor said. “It is that COVID is not strict. He doesn’t play by any rules. We must know how to pivot and change. According to analysis of the morning, we are doing very well with our hospitals, our deaths. We don’t have people with fans… Am I going to put up a mask mandate if people are going to ignore the mandate?

But beyond the discussion of whether or not to return to the mask mandate, Mayor Adams said that New Yorkers must understand when there is a dangerous level and act responsibly and said that the City is moving.

“We are going to distribute 16 million tests so that people diagnosed with COVID stay home. We are going to put a million masks in our communities for them to wear. We are going to use every tool so that we can keep this city running, but most importantly, safe,” added Adams. “We are doing the right things. Let’s get ready, let’s not panic, let’s build and operate this city. Another variant is perhaps days away. We cannot allow COVID to control our lives. We have to be smart and responsible and that’s what we’re doing.”

And from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene the vision is the same as they continue to urge all New Yorkers to wear high-quality face coverings in all indoor public places and in busy outdoor spaces.

It is now common to see subway passengers without masks, despite the fact that it is a requirement

“Now is the time to double down on protecting ourselves and others by making choices that can keep our friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers from getting sick. As a city, we have the tools to mitigate the impact of this wave, including distributing tests, masks, and promoting treatments.” Health Commissioner Dr Ashwin Vasan. “Getting back to the low risk level depends on everyone doing their part and if we follow the guidance, our forecasts anticipate that the peak of this wave will not last long. What we do now can make a difference.”

Peter Frisnedaa spokesman for the Department of Health, also stressed that in reference to the mandates, in matters of public health there are other ways to achieve results at this time.

“Education and prevention are also pillars of our strategy and have underpinned our work to combat this wave from the beginning,” the official said.

In the case of schools, the Department of Education (DOE) did not respond if they have plans for now to make changes to their protocols for the use of masks, but according to data provided, they revealed that the positivity rate in schools continues to be very low: 1.37%.

In the last 24 hours, of the total number of 15,255 COVID tests that were made, just 226 tested positive: 197 students and 29 teachers and school staff.

COVID-19 data in NYC amid high alert

  • 4,093 new positive cases were reported in the last day
  • 6 were the deaths in the last day
  • 3,365 infections was the average number of cases for the last month
  • 9.30% is the positivity rate in the city
  • 70 daily hospitalizations is the average
  • 1.37% is the positivity rate in schools
  • 15,255 COVID tests were done in schools on the last day
  • 226 tested positive
  • 197 students
  • 29 teachers and school staff
  • An additional 16.5 million COVID-19 home tests are being distributed
  • 1 million high-quality skins will be given away throughout May
  • 35,000 COVID-19 treatment courses have been given to date.
  • COVID treatments are available same day, upon request, so talk to your doctor if you test positive or call (212) COVID-19 if you don’t have a healthcare provider
  • If you want to know more about the COVID alert level in NYC, you can visit this link: