Coyoacán asks not to use pyrotechnics to celebrate the New Year

The government of the Coyoacán mayor’s office asked the population to make responsible use of the pyrotechnics and if possible avoid it in the next celebrations of New Year, this due to the accidents caused.

Through the Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection Unit, authorities recalled that what is sought is to prevent possible damage and injuries from the manipulation of artifacts, especially in minors.

Let us remember that other entities try to prohibit the sale of pyrotechnics as in Quintana Roo, given the risk that it represents.

Use of pyrotechnics in Mexico

Accidents are recorded due to the incorrect use of fireworks Authorities speak of the risks of fireworks

The head of the UGIRP COY, Jorge Peña Cruz He explained that it is necessary to take special care in the use of fireworks, especially in children, since each year victims of accidents and burns are reported.

“Gunpowder is not a toy,” he insisted, and recalled that it is dangerous because it can generate not only burns and lacerations, but also amputations.

“Gunpowder is dangerous and above all it is not a toy for children during these holidays.”

The areas of the body that are often affected are the extremities such as the legs, hands, even eyes, head, face and ears.

The importance of supervision was discussed in case it is decided to use it and the recommendations are that they be used in open spaces, maintaining a distance of at least two meters with respect to other people who are present.

Similarly, it was requested that when they are turned on they should not be held by hand, since they are considered dangerous devices.

Recommendations for the use of pyrotechnics

Authorities speak of the risks of pyrotechnics

Coyoacán authorities have spoken of the recommendations for the use of pyrotechnics, which are influenced not to launch near homes, dry leaves, garbage, plastics, cleaning liquids, cars, gas tanks or any other flammable material, since they can cause a large fire.

They remember the importance of not being carried in pockets, nor that they are exposed to a source of heat.

They emphasize the importance of avoiding exposing pets to detonations, either because of the danger they are suggesting and the alterations they cause.

Before the use of pyrotechnics, authorities of Coyoacan They ask that before any emergency contact the Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection Unit of the Coyoacán mayor’s office at the telephones 5338 5003 and 55 5610 8773.

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