Crashes a patrol and several vehicles in Cancun and tries to flee

A subject identified as Marino “N”, 42 years old, was responsible for causing an intense police mobilization in the city of Cancun, after he tried to flee the area, after hitting a taxi, even during his flight, he collided with a police van and several other vehicles.

Official reports indicated that the events occurred, while agents of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security of the Benito Juárez municipality They were on their prevention and surveillance route, in the vicinity of Supermanzana 219, Block 52, when they suddenly observed a road accident.

The culprit tried to flee

Crashes a patrol and several vehicles in Cancun and tries to flee

Officers came forward to provide support and saw a chevrolet blazer truck, black color with plates YJY8207, had hit a taxi of the Andrés Quintana Roo union with economic number 2499, for that reason they requested the intervention of Municipal Transit.

It is important to mention that the alleged culprit when seeing the presence of the police, the driver of the truck backs up and hits the police car. Public security at the front, so he accelerates again to try to escape, at that moment the agents begin to chase him.

After several minutes, the Quintana Roo Police managed to catch up with the driver on Xcaret Avenue, in this sense, it is worth mentioning that the subject during his flight hit several cars that were on his way, but despite this, the policemen managed to his capture, in this fact the code red.

Crashes a patrol and several vehicles in Cancun and tries to flee

So far, Marino “N”, 42 years old, is still in custody and was presented to the corresponding authority to determine his legal situation, since he is accused of the crime of damages to the detriment of the public administration and vehicle public service, in addition to private cars.

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