Create a fish tank to pass your fish and now it’s a sensation

Fish are definitely pets that need special attention, so we can’t take them out for walks, but a young man wanted to change that and Create fishbowl to move to your fish.

The person in charge of this is the youtuber Huang Xiaojie “Jerry”, he decided to break barriers and create a carreola fish tank, a special vehicle for his friends to also take walks through the streets.

Through his YouTube channel, the boy from Taipei, Taiwan, caused a furor on the internet because he shared a video where he teaches us how to create a fish tank with which it is possible to take the fish for a walk.

Create fishbowl to pass your fish

This is the stroller fish tank with which you can walk your fish. Jerry surprised the world on a ride with his fish tank stroller.

It all started when he questioned why, if cats and dogs can have a walk, his fish can’t. With the idea in mind he took the right tools and material, this guy proceeded to make the fish tank stroller a reality.

The first step was to use acrylic to create a large cylinder that would have a 360 degree panoramic view and where the water would be balanced.

The next step was to ask how to transport said cylinder, so the youtuber took a metal chassiswelded it and adjusted the measurements to turn it into a real fishcart.

Youtuber walks with his fish

Jerry surprised the world on a ride with his fish tank stroller.

After completing his invention, the youtuber was able to go outside, have a drink and watch the sunset with his fish. At dusk the lighting system of the fish tank cart was turned on.

Jerry’s video taught us that there is nothing impossible, and that walking our pets can be a lot of fun, even if they are fish, for example, he creates a fish tank to move his fish around.

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