Cristian Castro confesses that he had an affair with Angélica Vale: “Divina”

Cristian Castro confesses that he had an affair with Angélica Vale: “Divina”

Angélica Vale and Cristian Castro.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

After being chosen to sing in the Vatican a couple of songs written by Pope Francis, Cristian castro is in Los Angeles California to offer a series of concerts with Manuel Mijares placeholder image, with whom he joined his talent to create the tour he bears by name Hits Tour.

Before the start of their presentations in the United States, the pair was interviewed by Daniel Bisgono, where they not only talked about their experience on the stage and the outstanding artistic trajectory of each one, but also took time to joke a little about other aspects of their lives, such as the love fields.

And it was precisely “El Gallito Feliz” who shortly after confirming that he returned to singleness, recalled the romance he had several years ago with Angelica Vale.

Of course not! Angeliquita Okay, yes!

To which the host of the program ‘Ventaneando’ reacted by saying that they could well have belonged to the family, since the actress is his cousin; But at the insistence that he reveal a little more about their relationship, Verónica Castro’s son limited himself to joking that there was only: “joke, pure chuckling“, But of course there was no response other than compliments to the television star and her husband, Otto Pdrón.

No, I respect your husband, I love him so much. (Angelica) Divine, divine.

In other tracks, the singers shared how proud they are of their respective daughters, who inherited the artistic streak and have shown it on several occasions.

The first to show off his daughter’s vocal talent was Mijares, who confessed that he would not hesitate to invite Lucerito to sing with them on this tour.

“She always puts me on the phone to say hello to friends so we are already inviting her. It is very good, it is nailed with the musical theater. It’s very, very fine-tuned and I’m impressed. “

For his part, the interpreter of “For loving you like this” spoke about how he is helping his daughter Rafaela so that in the future he can follow in his footsteps and demonstrate his talent, of course thanking the dedication he has also shown Veronica Castro.

“Grateful with the grandmother who is giving a lot of wind to the granddaughter so thanks to my Vero who loves her very much and it is a gift for her I hope it is so. I am supporting her a lot to learn, to prepare“Added the 46-year-old singer.

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