Cristian Castro flees in a stampede after being caught with two women entering a hotel

Once again the mexican singer Cristian castro It is in the news again and this time it is not precisely because of taking a bottle. Verónica Castro’s son ran in a stampede when he was caught by a camera of reporters when he was in the company of two beautiful ladies. The women, realizing the situation, also “fled” with the singer.

But why Cristian Castro would flee from the cameras like this from First Hand as if it were the police or doing something wrong? Simple, the last times the press has approached he ends up in a tremendous problem of skirts. Recall that once, a supposed ex appeared to the singer when he was with a girlfriend a little more formal than he had, who was also much younger than him. Now, you surely want to keep your life a little more private despite having always been in the eye of the hurricane.

When he got out of the truck that he was driving with the women and saw the cameras, Cristian Castro did not hesitate to flee immediately and the two ladies followed him Not long ago, Cristian castro He said to the window that he was single: “Pure joke, joke … there is no girlfriend, the truth is that I’m going out, going for a walk, pure exes, pure exes …”, The truth is that, after this there will be several cameras that surely they are pending of the interpreter of “Lloran las Rosas”.

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