Cristian Castro talks about not being the best father to his children

As we have previously informed you in AmericanPost.News, Cristian Castro He is one of the most important singers in Mexico, which is why he is not only in the focus of the show for his music, but his private life is also usually of interest to fans.

Recently, Cristian castro She has gone viral for her social media posts, however she recently made deeper confessions.

The Mexican singer, who by the way, went to the BTS concert in Los Angeles, spoke about the children he had, the result of his marriage with Valeria Liberman.

What did Cristian Castro say about his children?

Although he has maintained a close relationship with his daughter from the marriage with Paola Erazo, He spoke that his happiness is incomplete, since he cannot see his two older children.

The singer Cirstian Castro stressed that there is a lot of distance, and the pandemic is one of the main causes of their separation.

“There is a pandemic and although we are taking care of ourselves, I travel and prefer to have distance so as not to bring anything home, communication is by zoom,” he said.

He was no better than his father

Crazy Váldes was not the best dad for Cristian

The son of Manuel el Loco Valdés, who by the way will have his series, regretted not having fulfilled his promise to be a better father than his, as he followed the pattern that he once swore not to be.

“I was not the father, I thought I was going to be, when I grew up I promised myself that I would be a better father than perhaps my father, but what do you think? I did not succeed,” he said.

The so-called “Gallito Feliz” pointed out that his older children are already 14 and 16 years old, and he hopes to see them soon.

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