Cristian Nodal apologizes for not arriving at his concert while Belinda poses with a deep and happy neckline

Christian Nodal / Belinda.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

Christian Nodal apologized to the Colombian public because He did not manage to make it to his presentation that he had scheduled for last Saturday, March 26, at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium in Medellín..

The Mexican regional singer used his official Instagram account to send a message to his fans.

“My people from Medellín, this video is to apologize to all of you because today it is impossible for me to be there to sing to you.”

Christian Nodal

In the recording of about a minute, he stated that it was due to weather conditions that he did not show up, even though his work team had already been in the city the day before.

“Today I have been trying to get to Medellín in every way, it’s not possible. I took two different planes, there were two technical failures, the weather was not in our favor, I hope you understand that all this got out of our hands, out of our control,” he added.

Although he assured that he was very excited to get to sing for them and make them have an unforgettable night, unfortunately things did not go as planned despite the great work carried out by the businessmen.

“My work team is there, my production is there, my mariacheño is there. Everything was one hundred percent confirmed, the entrepreneurs did a great job, everything was perfect, things just didn’t go as planned“, he explained.

However, the apology from the heart and the video was not well received by his fans, who left the state completely upset by the absence of the singer, who ended his message by wishing that he would soon have the opportunity to go and sing to them and have a great time. night with the Outlaw Tour.

On the other hand, Belinda dazzled with her beauty within the same social network, where she shared a video in which she is happy while modeling two elegant dresses with a deep neckline.

The first of them a design in a pink tone with a strapless cut that exposed her shoulders. Likewise, she appeared wearing a neon V-neck dress with which she exuded beauty and sensuality in every movement.

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