Cristiano Ronaldo and the emotional message about his retirement

the famous player Cristiano Ronaldo answered emotionally to the questions related to your retirementhe began by saying that he is aware that it takes little for him to stop playing.

He added that he hopes to have at least about four or five more yearsTo be able to follow “winning things”also took a moment to talk about his career, said he was happy because in the places where he left his markcommented:

“My life was a very beautiful journey. I have that pride to say where I have passed, I left my mark. And that makes me happy”

In his social networks he has remained active, because his wife Georgina’s series has allowed it to reach a greater variety of audiencesso far has not commented on any project that aims to tell the story of his life through the screen.

Cristiano Ronaldo said retirement is not a bad idea

The footballer said that retirement is not a bad idea The children that Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife has

The footballer of the Manchester United team said that he is aware that it’s a smart decision consider retirement when you are already a certain agelike the 35, since things are not the same to when you are younger.

Cristiano added that making this type of decision It’s part of maturityas well as the experience and intelligence that is achieved over time, continued:

“Perhaps you lose in some things but win in others and have the correct balance to be able to continue competing and be at the highest level”

How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife have?

The children that Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife has

The model Georgina Rodriguez at the moment has three children with Cristiano Ronaldoare Alana Martina and some twins who are about to be born.

On AmericanPost.News We also inform you that Cristiano Ronaldo is going for the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League.

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