Cristiano Ronaldo heats the nets with his last visit to the sauna: he appears sweaty and half-naked [Video]

Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Football player Cristiano Ronaldo surprised his 400 million followers of Instagram with a short but striking video that portrays him enjoying a relaxing sauna sessionwhere he usually goes to disconnect and eliminate toxins after his demanding workouts.

In the few seconds that the recording lasts, the Manchester United player shows off her physical attractiveness again, thanks to a musculature worked and chiseled until exhaustion; also responsible for the fact that Portuguese continues to be one of the best soccer players in the world at his recent 37th birthday.

@cristiano | Instagram

The fact that this anatomy, more typical of a Greek god, appear covered in a thin layer of glistening sweat has managed to revolutionize its fan base, although these They are already more than used to seeing Cristiano scantily clad in advertising campaigns for his CR7 underwear line.

Cristiano is very clear that you do not need to hire professional models to promote such a personal clothing collection, since that’s why he works out in the gym and in the preparations for their matches, without forgetting that avoid consuming sugary and unhealthy drinksin order to show off a body worthy of an athlete of his category.

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