Cristiano Ronaldo launches a line of gyms in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous player who, in addition to playing soccer, also stands out in the field of business and entrepreneurship, this time he opened his first “CR7 Fitness by Crunch” gym in Portugal.

“From now on, you can workout just like I do everyday: with speed, strength, focus and commitment. So you can be the best version of yourself!”

It has been highlighted that Cristiano Ronaldo’s intention, and his main motivation to employ his gym network, is to promote a healthy lifestyle, according to Manchester United striker.

Cristiano Ronaldo opens his gyms

It turns out that last Friday, December 17, the famous Cristiano Ronaldo opened his first three gyms, which are made up of more than 500 m2, various training areas that an instructor accompanies,

They also have more than 100 group classes per week so that everyone can train “like the best in the world.”

The facilities are located in Prelada, Matosinhos, and Padrão da Légua in Portugal; Prelada is the largest facility, with open spaces and the best cycling track in the country.

“You know that I consider exercise very important, both physically and mentally, and that’s why I want to give everyone the possibility to follow my methods and training routine to have a healthier life,” stated CR7.

The soccer player’s success

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, better known as Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a striker for Manchester United Football Club in England’s Premier League and the Portugal national team, of which he is its captain and all-time leading scorer.

Usually identified in the media with the numeronym CR7, he is often considered the best and most complete footballer and goal scorer in the world and one of the best of all time.

It should be noted that for many people and press linked to the sport, the successful Cristiano Ronaldo stands out as one of the most media figures of his generation in the soccer world.