Cristiano Ronaldo takes a shower on Instagram Live, 670,000 people tune in

Christian Ronaldo displayed his entire body on his Instagram page on Monday, showering with nothing but his underwear on, and more than 600,000 people tuned in to watch!

The soccer superstar shared it all on Instagram Live, letting water run over his athletic body for several seconds before saying goodbye with a wave and a kiss to the camera.

As we have mentioned on AmericanPost.News, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s broadcast was quick, but it was popular nonetheless… as at one point during the broadcast, 670,000 people watched it simultaneously!

As for why, well, check out the video, there’s not an ounce of fat on the 37-year-old’s body, and he knows he is plain as day.

It is a necessary moment of fun for Cristiano Ronaldo, because the Portuguese striker has had problems in recent weeks.

The Manchester United striker has only scored once since the calendar changed to 2022 and football fans are beginning to worry that the legend is beginning to wane for the first time in his career.

If indeed it is the beginning of the end… one thing is clear, his body certainly doesn’t show it!