Cristiano Ronaldo: the millions he earns for a post on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo He never ceases to amaze the world and not only for being one of the best soccer players or being a dedicated father; but also for being crack in business. The Portuguese star has a fortune that exceeds 1,000 million dollars, money that goes into the coffers thanks to his fame on and off the pitch. He has even been able to take advantage of his social networks.

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Although currently Cristiano Ronaldo He does not enjoy as many economic privileges as in the past, when he was one of the best paid soccer players and with the highest world market value; CR7 has managed to make a significant fortune linked, mainly to sponsors. However, he has also seen in his social networks an opportunity to increase his income. And, in fact, he is not the only one to do so.


Instagram is a major source of income for CR7, because for each post he publishes, he gets a good sum of money. Different marks approach the player and his more than 390 million followers in said social network to ask you to promote their products. Thus, the player, in addition to the salary he receives in the Man Utdreceives a significant amount of money for each post sponsored by it.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal during training with his football team (Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram)

But how much do you earn? Cristiano Ronaldo by photo or story on Instagram? According to reports and metrics of the social network, the scope of their publications reaches at least 40% of their total followers, which means that 156 million people see what goes up. That is, the Portuguese charges around 1 million 400 thousand euros per post.

This figure is even very close to what he perceives as a footballer, as we must remember that in order to sign with ‘Los Diablos Rojos’, he reduced his salary. According to the international media, in the current club, CR7 has a monthly income of 2.6 million euros per month. Therefore, the player could earn the same as he earns as a footballer with only two posts on Instagram.

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The Portuguese athlete is recognized for having already built an empire of companies, among which his new hotels and other businesses specializing in hair transplants stand out, motivating a turnover that is already around €100 millionas reported by Forbes magazine.

Cristiano Ronaldo also has among his businesses his own fragrances and various clothing brands: CR7 Underwear; Denim Y Blankets.

Cristiano Ronaldo in one of the premises of his perfumery (Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram)

Cristiano Ronaldo in one of the premises of his perfumery (Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram)