Cristy Bernal, wife of Alan Tacher, melts the snow posing in a bikini

Cristy Bernal posing in a bikini in the snow.

Photo: Alan Tacher / Courtesy

Cristy Bernal, wife of Alan Tacher, melts the snow posing in a bikini… Regardless of the cold, ice, wind and under the saying of “And what dare I … Happy 2022“The Mexican actress left everyone with their mouths open, including the photographer who was nothing more and nothing less than her famous little husband.

On vacation in one of the most beautiful and visited parks in Utha, the family Tacher-Bernal welcomed the year with ‘yours, mine and ours. Alan, Cristy, and all the children of the presenter of ‘Despierta América’ shared funny images playing in the snow and skiing.

Skiing is a new adventure for the little ones, who are taking their first classes to, above all, lose their fear and encourage this recreation that may end up being one of the children’s favorite sports.

We also saw them pour out love to Alan and Cristy, who have been married for almost 7 years and are very much in love., something that the presenter does not stop demonstrating by the actress both in word and in action, Let’s remember the moment when a vasectomy was performed, explaining in this way why you made the decision:

I do it out of solidarity with my wifeI am doing it because it is easier, because I saw in my five children the whole process of the mother of gestation, pregnancy, lactation. Five caesarean sections were my children, and I know that one suffers when having childbirth, it is a way to catch up, to give something in return“Alan explained at the time.

But this Sunday The Mexican actress surprised by abandoning all those warm clothes and special clothes for the snow, for a bikini!… Not only did she pose as a whole model, but she also showed that his discipline by exercising in the cycles he does in 54D they have been working for several years.

With a perfect abdomen, shapely legs and arms with very feminine muscles, At 43 years old and with two small children, Cristy proves that it is possible to reach the best dream versionIn this case, this is that of the Mexican actress.



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