Cruise has 40 active cases of COVID-19 and will disembark in Puerto Rico

The passengers left San Juan, Puerto Rico, for several Antilles, on Sunday of last week, but after a week at sea it was detected that the cruise ship has 40 active COVID-19 cases and will disembark soon.

The cruise ship with the active SARS-CoV-2 cases belongs to the Royal Caribbean line, Explorer of the Seas.

Cruise has 40 active COVID-19 cases

The law prohibits disembarking from being prevented, so even though the Cruise has 40 active cases of COVID-19, it will lower its passengers ashore.

An opposite case occurred in Mexico, they prevent a cruise ship from disembarking in Puerto Vallarta due to an active outbreak of COVID-19, but in Puerto Rico, the spokesman for the Department of Health, Lisdián Acevedo, said that “by federal order, landings cannot be prohibited ”, Since the ship left the Island.

Additionally, he said that so far 10 passengers and 16 crew members have been recorded positive for COVID-19. And according to El Nuevo Día, the cruise ship has 40 people, including passengers and crew, infected with the coronavirus.

The spokesman said that those infected “are asymptomatic people or with mild symptoms” and that “they were detected at sea.”

But, one of the passengers on the ship used her Twitter and said that the number of infected was 18 passengers and 19 crew members.

Cruise passengers will be quarantined

Because the cruise ship has 40 active COVID-19 cases, they were not allowed to disembark on the islands of St Lucia and St Kitts, but when they arrive on the island at 5:00 am, they will be able to get off the ship. Where the positive cases and their Royal Caribbean contacts would be the last to get off the ship.

As a preventive measure, everyone who has been on the ship has to fulfill an isolation period of 10 days for those vaccinated and 14 days for those not vaccinated, even if they have not tested positive for the virus.

And since most of the passengers, where the cruise ship has 40 active cases of COVID-19, are Puerto Ricans, they will be able to comply with the isolation period in their homes, as long as “Tourists go to a hotel that the same cruise line has under contract“, He said.

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