Cruz Azul linked to Chivas de Guadalajara? A former coach of the “Sacred Flock” wants to try his luck in “La Maquina”

Chivas de Guadalajara and Cruz Azul have had a very close bond in recent months. The exchange between Antuna and Alvarado It was the first of his business. Nowadays, “La Maquina” would have initiated interest in Matías Almeyda, former coach of the “Sacred Flock”. However, another former Chivas coach would have raised his hand to be the savior of Cruz Azul: Victor Manuel Vucetich.

The instability in the board of directors of the Cementero team has generated a lot of doubts in the structure of the club. One of the most notorious movements would be the resignation of coach Juan Reynoso. According to information compiled by Fútbol Total MX, this rumor barely spread, “King Midas” would have spoken with his agent to place his resume on the Cruz Azul table.

However, the same source indicates that Vucetich is still far from reaching “The Machine”. Reynoso’s departure would have only been a rumor generated by the departure of Álvaro Dávila. Under these circumstances the position of the Peruvian coach would remain stable.

Vucetich wants a new opportunity in Liga MX

After a lackluster exit from Chivas de Guadalajara, Víctor Manuel Vucetich would be looking for a new chance in Mexican soccer. “The Machine” for now is a distant option. However, it has also sounded very strongu arrival at Rayados de Monterrey although everything depends on Javier Aguirre’s next results.

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