IEO crypto platform on P2B exchange

Each significant cryptocurrency startup first began by seeking funding from investors. Finding the most vital chances to attract investors is essential for the future of your project because this is a long trip you want to end successfully with listing a token.

A crypto fundraising platform is one of the decisive aspects of being responsible for community feedback and your fundraising journey.

What is a crypto fundraising platform?

IEO & IDO Launchpad

In a nutshell, a crypto exchange or launchpad sets the initial quantity of your tokens for token sale while advertising your project to investors inside and outside the platform.

Credibility is important when you use IDO or IEO crypto to raise money. The platform launches a token sale and accepts complete responsibility for transactions if it finds your project and its owners to be reliable and in compliance with all platform regulations.

An important step before submitting an application for cryptocurrency listing on any exchange is to find your initial investors and gauge public sentiment on a crypto fundraising platform. Depending on the exchange’s power over transactions, it can be either centralized or decentralized.

Popular cryptocurrency sale options

You have a choice between two different types of fundraising platforms. You can launch your token sale on a platform either for a centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.


A centralized exchange examines your application, conducts a background check, and then launches your sale for investors on the platform. This fundraising technique is known as an initial exchange offering. If centralized platforms choose to accept the project for IEO, they take full command and liability for the project’s credibility. Additionally, they provide marketing services, which saves you money because you won’t have to come up with fresh marketing ideas or look for more effective ways to advertise your project and its token.


IDOs are essentially the same; the primary distinction is that the launchpad is a part of a decentralized platform rather than a centralized one. Every transaction of the tokens is peer-to-peer, with the platform having no involvement at all in money transfers. Instead, it just acts as a launchpad and offers basic marketing services while taking care of promoting your project among investors.

IDOs are excellent for introducing and advertising NFT exchanges and decentralized apps. Another big advantage of decentralized sales is that the platform will immediately list your token after closing the sale.

How to launch a project on IDO or IEO launchpad?

Accepting a project for the token sale is an issue of reputation with both IEO and IDO launchpad platforms. Your product’s ecosystem has to be tuned and tested, and your whitepaper has to be ready before you apply for a token sale. You could consider approaching angel investors as a possible strategy to spread the word about your cryptocurrency before applying for a token sale. This will help you build more credibility and earn money for more development.

Let’s use the P2B exchange launchpad as an example to understand how it all functions.

You must first fill out an application. Soon after it’s been reviewed, you will be invited to an interview where you will have the opportunity to discuss the project in more detail. The marketing campaign and whitelisting procedure begin if the project complies with all platform requirements. The following phase is IDO itself, when investors on the platform can buy your token. The promotional effort will then reach a larger audience. The platform will list your token once the IDO has ended and offer you other crucial services like market-making and marketing.

You see that it follows a path attracting mostly the exchange community. This is why it’s crucial to pick a platform with a substantial user base and a wide range of tokens that have been successfully launched before.

IEO crypto launchpad is another option. The platform’s team will handle KYC and smart contract assessment in this case. Although this approach is mainly aimed toward an internal community, it’s also quite successful in getting funding for project expansion.

So, which type of fundraising is best for your project?

NFT and play-to-earn businesses, as well as decentralized apps, work best with IDOs.

IEOs are a more preferable choice for launching ventures where decentralization doesn’t matter a lot  You must first validate your identity and open an account on the exchange before you can apply for IEO. On the contrary, IDO applications can be submitted without registering.