Cryptocurrencies: Truckers on Strike in Canada Raise Funds in Bitcoins

Line of Canadian truckers, on a major street in the city of Toronto.

Line of Canadian truckers, on a major street in the city of Toronto.

Photo: Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Canadian truckers protesting the end of Covid-related restrictions in the country, called the “freedon convoy”, Given the refusal of GoFundMe to release the more than $9 million dollars raised in support of their cause, they are now changing their platform for crowdfunding in Bitcoins.

The first Freedom convoy campaign, a collection of money to finance the protest, was suspended by the GoFundMe platform after enormous political pressure in which it was assumed that the money would be used in acts of violence by the protesters.

The alternative of the Protestant truckers has been the popular world of cryptocurrencies, with the cryptocurrency platform Tallycoin, which is especially based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

“The Canadian Bitcoin community would like to have a second financial hotspot for #FreedomConvoy2022. Legacy financial infrastructure can sometimes be politicized and suppressed, while Bitcoin is a truly censorship-resistant method of communicating value. Don’t let your voices be silenced, and don’t let your financial sovereignty be trampled on.”

You must enter the page or application of the Tallycoin platform, When you enter the page you will see that at this time this is the most popular campaign on the platform and it is called “Bitcoin for truckers”.

Although the campaign has not had the expected popularity so far, if you click on Bitcoin for Truckers you will not only be able to donate, but also see the amount of cryptocurrencies raised in real time.

Up to now bitcoin goal collected for canadian truckers exceeds 70% of full goal. And at the time of this writing, 4,747 people had contributed.

At the moment the amount that was achieved in GoFundMe of $9 million has not been achieved. Now It remains to be seen if this new campaign on the Tallycoin platform will come under the same governmental and political pressure when converted to fiat.

Is it is not the first time that cryptocurrencies are used by medical and human rights organizations; just as it is not the first time that GoFundMe has closed a campaign for considering it irregular.

The freedom convoy began in January as a caravan of truckers heading to the Canadian capital, in order to demonstrate in front of Parliament their opposition to a government mandate that implies hundreds of restrictions related to the Covid pandemic.

Thanks to social media and Canadians waiting for trucks as they passed through cities and reviewing the protest, support for the protest grew rapidly. Other Canadians have joined the protest to also demonstrate the strict regulations imposed by the government from Justin Trudeau to Canadians, on behalf of Covid.

In addition, the protest has been present in the capitals of the Canadian provinces.

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