Crystal meth crackdown in Tamaulipas: Six alleged drug traffickers subdued by Grupo Escorpión [video]

Members of the Gulf Cartel faction questioned six people for their alleged relationship with the sale of glass in Matamoros

Due to the sale and consumption of crystal meth in Tamaulipas, half a dozen alleged drug traffickers were intercepted and subdued by alleged members of the Grupo Escorpión, an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel that Antonio Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén, alias Tony Tormenta, created.

In a video circulating on social networks, six people are subdued by around 20 armed men in an open field at night. One of them, the only one wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt, is the one question for each alleged drug trafficker.

Gulf Cartel armed faction Grupo Escorpion interrogating crystal meth smugglers

In the clip, which lasts a little more than two minutes, you can see how the people who appear kneeling and tied from behind answer the questions of their captors. They are questioned about their age, the state where they are from, current addresses, and why they were arrested.

The six people shown in the audiovisual (four men and two women) were related to the sale and purchase of drugs, especially the one known as “glass,” according to their statements. They were all between 37 and 58 years old and said they were originally from Tamaulipas, mainly from the city of Matamoros, where Grupo Escorpión operates.

Members of the Escorpión Group subdued alleged glass traffickers in Matamoros (Photo: Screenshot)
Members of the Escorpión Group subdued alleged glass traffickers in Matamoros (Photo: Screenshot)

One of the suspects said that the crystal meth he used to distribute in Tamaulipas was brought from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. For this reason, he was detained by presumed hitmen from Grupo Escorpión, who were carrying firearms and military-style clothing in the video. Of the six people questioned, four were involved in drug sales, and two were consumers.

“Grupo Escorpión does not allow the sale of crystal meth or fentanyl here at the border. Are they repentant? For every seller and consumer of crystal meth and fentanyl there is no forgiveness. Sincerely the Gulf Cartel,” warned one of the armed men at the end of the video.

Although it is unknown what happened after the interrogation, it is presumed that those subdued were executed. However, this is not confirmed, nor is the exact date of when these events occurred, although the video began to be disseminated on social networks on Saturday, February 25.

According to intelligence reports, the Grupo Escorpión was formed in the image of Los Zetas and was made up of former state, municipal and judicial police officers. This faction was created as a personal guard by Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, Tony Tormenta, brother of Osiel Cardenas Guillen, and one of the leaders of the Gulf Cartel.

The Gulf Cartel has several criminal factions, such as Los Escorpiones and Los Ciclones (Photo: File)
The Gulf Cartel has several criminal factions, such as Los Escorpiones and Los Ciclones (Photo: File)

Following Tony Tormenta’s death in November 2010, authorities believed the Grupo Escorpión had disappeared. However, in 2015 it was reported that the faction was still operating in Madero and Tampico. Its leader at the time was Lazaro Martinez Rodriguez, El Escorpion, a former ministerial agent and former police chief in Madero. Still, after he was executed in 2015, who took command of the criminal organization is unknown.

In addition to Los Escorpiones, the Gulf Cartel has other criminal factions that continue to cause a wave of violence in Tamaulipas. One of them is Los Ciclones, whose base of operation is in Matamoros, near the border crossing with Brownsville, Texas. This area is known for arms and drug trafficking, according to Insight Crime reports.

It is presumed that the Scorpion Group, currently based in Matamoros, maintains an alliance with Los Ciclones, as the two factions have tried to fight other criminal groups for control of the Pharr-Reynosa bridge, considered a key route for drug trafficking activities between Tamaulipas and Texas.