Cuevana 3 was not deleted: What really happened? Complete information

The website was launched in 2007, however, it began to operate in 2011 where people began to meet and interact with it.

But not everything is hunky with flakes”. On May 21, 2014, the website was permanently closed. This is a typical thing that happens with hacking websites; as is the case of cinecalidad, pelisplus, among other popular portals in Latin America.

What really happened to Cuevana in 2022?

The website is presumed to have been shut down by “NIC” himself. Since ACE totally dissociates himself from the fall.

Nevertheless is now (This information is obtained from different sources, and forums where users claim to be careful with multiple clones found in search results)

What is Cuevana 3 and what are the differences?

Cuevana 3 is the same original Cuevana website, however, it is a number that is born from the lack of domains available for purchase. Practically all the important domains of Cuevana have been bought, therefore, the administrators decide to buy domains with more popular extensions such as .com, .net, among others.

How to identify a clone of Cuevana?

Cuevana clones usually have the same appearance as its name “CLON” indicates, they copy the design in a very exact way, font, icons, colors, design in general. their domain name is quite similar, only the extensions change, for example: .pro, .me, .plus, .xyz, .mail, among others.

The content is not the same, the updates of the original are faster and more instantaneous, the piracy sites claim not to host content, so their method is to share links from other servers such as fembed, netu, etc.

Who are the owners of Cuevana?

It is unknown who owns the website so far, however, in the beginning the owners were Argentines, however it is about Cuevana in 2014, from 2017 Cuevana took another course and was updated by other people.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Cuevana in these times.

Piracy sites provide free content, however, it should be noted that there are dangers and poor quality in their content, never like the original source.


Free content: You access a public and open catalog of titles, which contain a trailer, description and of course, the entire movie or series (Piracy)

Access from any device: These sites allow you to access from any mobile device, PC or even TV.

Downloads: One of the things that people appreciate the most about these sites is being able to download the content and watch it offline, since some have slow Internet connections.


Possibility of viruses: Although it is not the case with Cuevana, there are sites that even steal your bandwidth, slowing down your internet while you browse.

Clones: Clones are sites that in some cases have no ethics of any kind, so they only squeeze users.

Excessive Ads: Some of these sites have more than 10 pop-ups in a span of 5 minutes, this is very inconvenient for many users.

User comments in forums and social networks about Cuevana:

Twitter: “I had apparently been entering a clone page of Cuevana, because the movies I had been looking for were no longer there” – Sofía

Facebook: “ is the original, it doesn’t have as much advertising as the others that claim to be real, I hope they continue to improve.” – Richard

Reddit: The world of movie pages on the internet is becoming more difficult every day, I don’t know why they attack internet culture, after all, movies come out long after the movies. – Mariano