Cuitláhuac García denounces illegality in the Senate Special Commission

The governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, accused senators of breaking the law by creating a Special commission about Veracruz without the approval of the full Senate and pointed out that they were “coup plotters.” As reported by El Universal.

In a press conference he denounced that they are violating the Organic Law and the regulations of the Senate Chamber by creating, without the vote of the plenary, a Special Commission to investigate cases of abuse of authority in Veracruz.

“Article 39 says: The commissions are bodies constituted by the Plenary, Jucopo does not say, it says by the Plenary. Article 42, the Plenary may agree to the constitution of special commissions when deemed necessary,” said the governor of Veracruz.

Cuitláhuac García explained the situation

The state president added that the regulation of the Senate, in its article 119, numeral 2, defines that the special commissions are created by agreement of the Plenary, at the proposal of the Political Coordination Board.

“And in no case does it have the power to rule. I am talking about the special commissions,” he later stated that senators Ricardo Monreal (Morena) and Dante Delgado (Movimiento Ciudadana) will create a commission to investigate alleged abuses in Veracruz.

The state executive described it as strange that they made it known that they were operating as a special commission, but it did not exist on the website of said sovereignty, although they later published it.

“Senators violate the regulation”

Cuitláhuac García

“Well, there the senators will have to warn why whoever demands that the rule of law be complied with violates the regulations, their own laws, the Organic Law and the regulations of the Chamber,” he demanded.

It should be remembered that Cuitláhuac García Jiménez is a Mexican politician, professor and engineer, a member of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena ”, and current constitutional governor of Veracruz.

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