CURIOUS Father dies selfie. He died after taking a peculiar selfie.

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  • The father of three children is very happy in his last photograph
  • The peculiar photo shows him together with his family

Father dies suddenly after taking peculiar selfie with his family. “Fit was a wonderful, friend, father, husband and brother ”, reads an emotional publication on GoFundMe where the curious case is related where the father dies after taking a selfie with his family.

Jagadeesh Kovval father of three children died after appearing in what would become his last photograph with his children and wife. The smiling man died in the hospital within hours of taking the peculiar photograph, according to The Sun newspaper.

CURIOUS: Father dies after taking selfie with his children; gave him a pain in the back

CURIOUS: Father dies after taking selfie with his children;  gave him a pain in the back
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Jagadeesh Kovval went to the hospital with severe back pain, according to The Sun. After this he suffered a terrible cardiac arrest that ended his life. The father of the family was diagnosed with a serious lung infection that had spread.

The disease went to his throat, according to the aforementioned media. “The drowned the lives of those around him. He leaves behind his wife, son and two daughters, ”notes the GoFundMe page. “He was incredibly kind, loyal, hardworking, and had a big heart.”

CURIOUS: Father dies after taking selfie very smiling

CURIOUS: Father dies after taking selfie very smiling
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After suffering severe back pain, the Jagadeesh Kovval went to the Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital at around 1am on Wednesday morning. Jagadeesh Kovval, before tragically losing his life, sent a very smiling selfie to a friend.

“After doing the tests, the doctors said it was a lung infection that had spread to his throat,” revealed his friend Bobby, who had received the peculiar selfie for the local news website LeicestershireLive.

CURIOUS: Father dies after taking selfie; his last photograph

In the peculiar snapshot, the father of the family is shown with his wife Thushara and their children of 11, 7 and 17 years old, smiling widely from the hospital where he was admitted after severe back pain, which without imagining it, would end his life .

“They told me he started coughing up blood and went into cardiac arrest. He died just hours later. We are all heartbroken, ”revealed his friend Bobby, according to The Sun. As of the writing of this note, it has not been confirmed that the death of Jagadeesh Kovval was due to COVID-19.

CURIOUS: Father dies after taking selfie and asks for help for his family

CURIOUS: Father dies after taking selfie;  his last photographPHOTO Twitter

“I started a fundraiser to collect donations for Jagadeesh’s family who is in financial difficulties at the moment,” notes the GoFundMe, created by his friend. Bobby Singh and who has raised over $ 7,000.

“Consider making a donation, since any amount will really help your family during this difficult time,” says the page with dozens of donors and a goal of about $ 14,000 that has been shared more than 80 times.

“God keep this family strong”

"God keep this family strong"

According to the aforementioned media, the death has left his family helpless, since his wife Thushara of Indian origin does not speak English and has not been able to obtain a job. People have rallied for the cause and left messages of support on the website.

"One day they had a husband and father and the next day he left"
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For his part, Bobby Singh stated: “I feel that it is my responsibility to help them. I paid their internet bill and brought them food, but they really need more help, ”according to The Sun. The family friend was the one who organized the collection.

“One day they had a husband and a father and the next day he left. I do not want the children to suffer, that they cannot eat or do activities, “said the man. Unfortunately, sudden deaths are not as strange as you think, recently it was reported the surprise death of a girlfriend an hour after getting married.

Bride dies within an hour of being married

Dies after getting married
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Like the father of three children, a rare tragedy happened to a girlfriend who just an hour after getting married, died of a heart attack and was buried the next day, according to information published by the portal of news The Sun.

The unfortunate events took place in a town in Egypt, when the happiest day of his life became the tragedy of a whole family. Isra Shaaban, 21, passed away just an hour after getting married.


Dies after getting married
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The cause of death was a heart attack, so he could not enjoy his new marital status and, on the contrary, left sad families and a widower who today only mourns the death of his beloved, when he had to celebrate the marriage union.

Surprise and tears was what the guests and the groom experienced, after the woman suffered from this medical situation, and it is that almost immediately after entering her new home, in the village of Medoum in the Beni Suef governorate, in the northern Egypt, he began to feel bad.

Dies after getting married: TO THE HOSPITAL

Heart attack
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Immediately the emergency services received a report to help the woman, but after reviewing her, they decided to transfer her to a hospital to receive medical attention and thus be able to avoid a tragedy. However, nothing could be done about it.

The woman was already showing signs of a heart attack, leaving an entire family in tears and a widowed boyfriend, who only hoped to spend his entire life with her. But the family did not remain silent and one of his cousins, Mohammad Hamed, revealed more details of the tragedy after his cousin’s wedding: “Yesterday, we attended Isra’s wedding where everyone was happy, today we buried her.”

Dies after getting married: FROM CELEBRATION TO FUNERAL

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And he also added the following: “We were happy and participated in the wedding and an hour later we received the call. Sadness has struck the whole town ”and now after the wedding celebration, they now held a funeral. Just as many people from the town attended the young woman’s wedding, others went to her funeral, totally shocked because just a day before they were in the best moment of their lives and now they were saying goodbye to this land.

One of the attendees at the bride’s funeral said the following about the woman’s discomfort, with much sadness and pain in her heart: “The bride felt exhaustion and sharp pains in her belly and chest after the end of the wedding party. wedding”. Filed Under: Dies After Marrying

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