Curvy Zelma became the winner of “¡Quiero Cantar!”

This Friday, December 17, the grand final of “I want to sing!”, Reality show by “Come Joy” where the participant Curvy zelma became the winner, after tough competition with Mariano Sandoval, Miguel Ángel and El Capi Pérez.

The finalists presented their best presentations to the jury, so after three rounds of the contest, the winner was finally the famous one. It is worth mentioning that the program began with a Christmas potpourri and was hosted by Cynthia Rodríguez and Sergio Sepúlveda.

Last October we shared you on AmericanPost.News that the host caused controversy, as the participant attacked a singing teacher who took two points from her final rating, which caused various reactions from users.

Curvy Zelma won the reality show “I want to sing!”

The first challenge was that the participants performed the song with which they received the lowest rating, but first, Kristal Silva returned to the stage of the program “I want to sing”! together with Las Sobrevivientes who performed the song “La calle de las sirenas” and “Mala fama”.

The first participant to go on stage was Mariano Sandoval who performed the Spanish version of “Living la vida loca”, Curvy sang “Almohada”, one of José José’s hits, El Capi Pérez performed “Fuego at night, snow by day ”And Miguel Ángel“ Oro de ley ”.

The presenter of TV Azteca was the winner of “I want to sing!” Host of TV Azteca

Although, in the grand finale, Laura G and Rocío Banquells also returned, who performed “Abrázame”, while Mario Lafontaine performed “You are so beautiful to me”, a song by Bug Hall. In the same way, Lyn May arrived on stage who interpreted “La Cigarra”.

Before the grand finale between Pérez and Curvy, Patricio Borghetti also performed some songs. Although what the public waited the most was meeting the winner of the contest, so Curvy became the winner, received a trophy and also a special award, a red motorcycle.

What does Curvy Zelma do?

Host of TV Azteca

The presenter Zelma Cherem was part of the first season of “I want to sing!” At the moment she has not revealed what her next project will be, since she was previously part of the program “Up the afternoon”, but the project ended.

For now, the host Curvy Zelma has thanked the support she received from her fans to reach the grand finale of the reality show “Venga la Alegría”, as she managed to be crowned the winner of this season of the TV Azteca project.

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