Curvy Zelma fine and elegant with lace dress perfect for any gala

Curvy Zelma The 30-year-old once again teaches good dress and did so through a white transparent lace dress which looked very good on her, since it seemed that the artist was going to a gala event, although it could be only for a photo session.}

For those who don’t know yet, Curvy Zelma has always been considered a fashion icon since we saw her on the reality show Este Es Mi Estilo, where she won first place for her elegant way of dressing and with this design that she just showed off. the famous makes it very clear.

The design of the Mexican driver was a beige tailored bodysuit, with transparent long sleeves, in addition to a very deserving hairstyle for Curvy Zelma who loves that they look extravagant like her and that is that she has long hair with which it is easy to do all kinds of design.

“OMG !! You are art because your eyes are part of the starry night of Van Gogh’s work”, “Beautiful my girlfriend curvy zelma you look beautiful I love you very [email protected]”, “I see you and I say tremendous goddess that I have a friend”, are some of the comments that they write to the artist in the photo.

In recent months Curvy Zelma has dedicated herself to modeling to the fullest, since she has shared too many very professional images on her Instagram account where she looks spectacular with or without makeup, even with very simple clothes she manages to catch her audience who supports her in everything that celebrity does.

In addition, Curcy Zelma has climbed high on the small screen, that is, the Ajusco television station has given him several projects both in programs and reality shows, since he has a lot of potential both in driving and singing talent and continues to be very successful.

It is worth mentioning that this woman has motivated her fans to fight for their dreams and not be limited by nonsense such as physical appearance, something that the artist has removed from social networks for appearing natural on more than one occasion.

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