Curvy Zelma makes the networks nervous by posing from the jacuzzi as God intended

Curvy Zelma 30-year-old again made everyone square-eyed by sharing a photo from the jacuzzi where she appears too flirtatious as God brought her into the world, she also appears with spectacular makeup because her fans are fascinated by how she transforms her face from such a simple way.

For those who do not know, Curvy Zelma has become the stereotype of a feisty woman who has managed to face all kinds of adversity with her head held high, that is why she has the full support of her fans, to whom she thanks so much love that they have given you.

“Good night Zelma, take care of yourself, I love you, I love you very much. I wish you well and may God be with you and bless you”, “Wow !!! You look prettier and more spectacular without makeup Day by day more beautiful, your eyes are two stars that illuminate and make your face look prettier …. you are art, “the social networks write to the Mexican host.

Another of the things for which she has earned the respect of others has been for how clear she is, because when it comes to an opinion or a type of comment, she does it in a very kind way, because she does not like problems, because her career is based on talent and sacrifice, so she would not do something that would harm her.

In addition, she lives life to the fullest being a single woman, because she does not want a relationship at the moment, but to focus fully on her projects, which always stand out in the best way, whether in fixed programs or reality shows, the public loves to see her. on television.

The curves of this singer also steal glances, when she poses with a dress or any outfit she puts a tremendous seasoning on the publication, because her style is impregnated in each photo, as well as her vibe which her followers have told her they transmit to her when she poses in an angelic way in photos, she also always has a good message for her empire of fans.

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