Customer finds “surprise” in his food and KFC asks that he trust him

A great and unpleasant surprise was taken by a young man who decided to order food from KFC through the delivery application Rappi, then within your order He found something embedded that he did not expect.

It was through his Twitter account that the young man expressed the bad moment he went through, but after its publication Kentucky Fried Chicken immediately contacted him to regain your confidence. Rappy was also present.

In social networks the young man claimed both the application and the food company for having found a piece of plastic embedded in his food and to show it he shared a photograph of the food.

Both companies contacted the client

The user who showed this serious error is @tuabuelaloca, who decided to tag Rappi because he ordered the food through his services and also tagged the restaurant, which was in charge of preparing the food.

As he revealed to the user, when he was about to eat the piece of chicken he noticed a embedded plastic inside of this. Fortunately, the young man noticed in time and did not eat it, but it could have caused some damage if he ingested it, so he decided to share the news on networks so that people are alert.

Just minutes after the young man made the publication received responses from Rappi and of course Kentucky Fried Chicken. Both companies regretted what happened and promised to take action on the matter so that this does not happen again.

The message that attracted attention was that of Kentucky, as they assured that they want to regain the customer’s trust after this unpleasant incident.

“We appreciate you getting in touch with us, we regret the inconvenience caused, we want to regain your trust with us, please send us DM so that you can give us more details of what happened and your contact information. We will attend you as soon as possible!” business.

What do they sell at KFC?

The company sells fried chicken

Normally, the KFC company sells breaded fried chicken, but it has other variants like extra crispy and grilled chicken. In addition to chicken wings, sandwiches, hamburgers, burritos and chicken fingers.

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