Cyber ​​Monday: 4 kitchen appliances on Amazon with discounts between 40% and 50%

We are in the time of year in which the best seasonal offers are worth keeping an eye on, especially before the Christmas madness that usually comes with some price increases. Although we come from some juicy discounts such as the iconic Black Friday, the reality is that there is another day that is worth a lot to consider and are the offers that the last Monday of November brings with the famous Cyber ​​Monday. In particular, during the Christmas season the kitchens of all homes are at their busiest time of the year and it is undeniable to say that preparing Christmas meals is the order of the day. Based on this, Amazon‘s one-week cyber sale of multifunctional kitchen utensils from some of the most trusted brands in kitchen items is a good opportunity to buy all those gadgets that are the best ally to simplify our lives and that also reduce time in the kitchen.

In this way, we gave ourselves the task of recapping some of the appliances that you will find with magnificent discounts on Amazon. Best of all, there are alternatives for all tastes and needs: Instant Pot for roasting, frying, and everything in between, as well as premium nonstick cookware sets and professional grade blenders like Vitamix that heat up while mixing. Take note and take advantage of the best discounts of the season to give a new life to your kitchen.

1. Calphalon Signature 10-Piece Stainless Steel Pots and Pans Set

Made with three layers of aluminum core to provide even cooking perfect for sautéing, browning and broiling. Best of all, this stainless steel cookware set is compatible with most cooktops including induction and is actually an investment for a lifetime. It is very likely that you will not have to buy a battery again. Plus, the keep-cool handles stay safe to touch while on the stove.

Cookware. / Photo: Amazon

2. Vitamix Explorian blender, revamped

A good blender solves too many problems in the kitchen and is in fact used for many dishes. One of the great qualities of the revamped version of the Vitamix blender is that it has a large 64-ounce container and therefore large enough for blending and blending large portions of soups, sauces, or smoothies. All this without being a huge appliance that you won’t know where to store in the kitchen. It has ten variable speeds to help create a full range of textures, and the aircraft grade stainless steel blades are durable enough for mixing ice or other frozen foods. The self-cleaning function also helps clean all interior surfaces and crevices of the blender in about 30 to 60 seconds. It is simply wonderful and it will last you many, many years.

Vitamix Blender -Cyber ​​Monday
Vitamix blender. / Photo: Amazon

3. Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11 in 1

In recent months, much has been said about the benefits and the practicality of having an Instant Pot at home, which is a modern pressure cooker that came to make our lives easier. This version has 11 different functions and is a great addition in the kitchen that will make you Avoid using excessive pots and pans. In such a way that with the touch of a button you can define if you want frying, roasting, baking, dehydrating, sautéing, steaming, it also has two different covers that are the easiest to clean. The dishwasher-safe, triple-bottomed stainless steel pot cooks and fries evenly for consistent results.

Instant Pot - Cyber ​​Monday
Instant Pot./Photo: Amazon

4. Omni Plus 10-in-1 Instant Fryer and Oven

Nothing better than having the same appliance that fulfills different functions, it is not only practical, it helps us save space in the kitchen. This appliance is a great investment as it broils, air fries, bakes and more, it is a modern countertop convection oven that has 10 different cooking and heating functions. With its golden quartz technology it helps ensure food cooks more evenly and quickly, and the double-layered glass door keeps heat inside for optimal temperature levels. Also, it is a genius since you can choose from seven customizable browning settings different or cook at temperatures up to 450 degrees.

Instant Fryer and Oven - Cyber ​​Monday
Instant oven and deep fryer. / Photo: Amazon

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